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Satori Laurel

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80

Austin, TX

About Satori Laurel

Since 2005 I have been creating spaces where people can relax, feel, and heal in order to live full and healthy lives beyond the confines of isolation, trauma, unmet relationship needs, and the confusion that is a by-product of stress. (Please see my private practice Embrace Embodiment to learn more!)

Basically, our society is going through a major transition (notice any of that lately?!) and we are starting to see the ill effects of always going, doing, and being overstimulated by electronics, consumer culture, and always feeling a step behind ‘the game’.

Well, jump off that hampster wheel and into my Cuddle Vortex of Love and Relaxed Presence! It is the antidote to the stressed and possibly lonesome experience you’ve been having.

Cuddle Therapy is about Slowing down to Connect. To Feel the Other. To Relax into the Moment.

Pre-Covid I was seeing folks in person with no problem, but now I have switched to Virtual Cuddle Sessions because I want to be able to offer this kind of connection space to anyone anywhere in the world!

In my Virtual Cuddle Studio, I use a nice webcam, ambient relaxing lighting, and music. I create a sense of connection that can be FELT even at a distance. We can relax into each other this way and feel safe knowing we are taking the right measures at this time of uncertainty on the planet and You can Still get important needs for relating and relaxing met.

I look forward to helping you relax and restore.

Things I like to do in a virtual cuddle session are:

~read you a story

~ sing relaxing lullabye’s / songs to slow down to

~ share things about our day / life

~ eye gaze and take deep full breaths

~ pet you with my magic feather (you’ll see!)

and more!

So, what are you waiting for? LET’S Virtual Cuddle!!



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Learn even more about me and my full list of offerings by going here: EmbraceEmbodiment.com!

Skills & Specialties

Tantric Guide Reiki Hatha Yoga Teacher (Restorative Focus) Bodyworker/LMT Transformational Breathwork Intimacy Healing NVC/Compassionate Communication EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique Theater / Free Expression Play Dance / Movement Play


Virtual Sessions Available M-F daily from 10am-8pm CST, and some weekends with advanced notice!

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