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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + travel fees for outcalls

Washington, DC

About Serene

Hi there! My name is Serene(They/Them/Their).

I live in Washington, DC. I am an artist, musician, spiritual friend, writer, empathic entrepreneur, and intuitive with a variety of interests and experiences up my sleeve. The healing of humanity is my ultimate aspiration, however.

My home, Washington, DC is a beautiful, diverse, and vibrant city. It can also be a stressful and lonely, oxytocin-starved place at times. The news is everywhere, and people are constantly bustling and striving for success.

But are we really connecting as deeply as we need? I feel strongly that we are not. That is why I believe Professional Cuddling, more than ever, is an absolutely vital field of work. Platonic Touch is a powerful, magical, and healing expression of human connection/communication. It is a critical component and key to unlocking human potential. This activity is beneficial on so many levels–including that of productivity. I very much want to facilitate the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical healing of our society, one cuddle at a time. I can’t wait to meet you!

Session information from Serene

Once you submit a request, I will message you so that we can coordinate a meeting place and time. I ask that you book a few days in advance if you are up to 15 miles outside of DC.

I also ask all my clients have acceptable hygiene.  Feel free to play music of your preference. Do you need any accommodations to be able to have a satisfying session? Please don’t hesitate to ask. For your safety and comfort, please let me know in advance if you have any allergies, triggers, or conditions I need to be aware of. Additionally, please message me any questions you might have about our code of conduct and this service.

Agreement: No kissing of any kind. No hands on my face and any areas that can be covered by a bikini. Occasionally it is ok to touch my hair, but please ask me before. Long periods of intense eye contact are too much for me sometimes. A little bit of eye contact is typically ok for me, but let’s check in about it during the session and see where we both are.

I currently accept outcalls in DC.

I accept Paypal, Venmo, and checks and cash. Paypal is my preference however.

Cancellation policies: If you must cancel our appointment, please do so within 16 hours of the booking. Otherwise, if it is not an emergency, there will be a $25 Cancellation fee.

*Travel fees will legally be waived for any handicapped client, which we gladly honor.


Skills & Specialties

I have been told that warm healing energy comes through my hands.

I know Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT)/Tapping and can guide you through it if that is something you are interested in


Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, and Friday 12 Pm-8pm