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Sherri R

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr plus travel

Glendale, AZ

About Sherri R

Having recently taken a detailed test to determine my personality type I was pleased to find that I am a protagonist. I could not have been described any better. A do-gooder with the belief that something that you believe in is worth swimming upstream even if you do get a little battered and the unification of people for a greater good is just one of many ways I can contribute to making the world a better place.  Lastly, and just as true as all of the others I have spoken of, I find gratification and self-fulfillment when I have successfully assisted another person to reach their goals. This is part of what makes me who I am. Smiling is good for your health! My cup is always half-full to overflowing and that a sense of humor is essential because you have the ability to make others smile which is good for their health as well!

Session information from Sherri R

Once you have made your choice and submitted your request for an appointment: I will contact you by phone so that we may discuss your preference for session location. My cuddle location is Butler and 67th Avenue in Glendale, Arizona and I am willing to do outcall within 10 miles at the rate of $1 per mile round trip. Exception-if you are legally handicapped there will be no travel fees.

Location options include my location, 67th Avenue and Butler in Glendale Arizona; your location or if you prefer to a park or any other public location of your choice within a 10-mile radius of my location. In that case, travel fees will incur $1  per mile round trip.

Upon arrival, we will review the code of conduct that you will have read before your session as well as individual boundaries and how you can see the session starting such as what cuddle positions you would like to try. Open and honest communication is the key to getting the most out of your sessions so If you choose to talk about personal issues that’s fine as well. I will just be happy that you can trust in me to talk to me openly.

My cuddle zone can be set up in a few different scenarios and is in its own separate room, the ambiance is low light by candles, faint Zen music in the background but if you would like silence or envision another scenario please feel free to communicate that to me ahead of time and I’ll do what I can do to make it happen. Ex: you might prefer to be in an open area such as the living room with a movie of your choice on or your favorite radio station, blinds wide open letting all the daylight in. What’s important is that you’re comfortable and happy.  We can discuss set-up by phone prior to your session. -Please note that I do own two cats in case there are any issues with allergic reactions to cat dander. – please communicate to me if you would like me to refrain from using aromatherapy or incense –

Parking:  there is one secure reserved spot available to you – Please refrain I’m smoking cigarettes inside of my location – The parking space number will be provided prior to arrival -If you choose to take the public transit there is an N/S bus  #67  and it stops directly in front of my location. It’s just a walk across the street on 67th Avenue at Butler. –At this time I accept Zelle, PayPal, cash app, Venmo, or cash (I do not keep cash on hand so I will not be able to give change) – No cards please. -I do not accept checks –

Cancellation policy: if for some reason you must cancel or reschedule please do so within 24 hours. If 24-hour notice is not given you will be billed 50% of the session rate. If the session is an out-call and I arrive with no one at the location the full session amount will be billed to you as well as full travel fees. -In case of a situation where you’re running late please call with as much notice as possible so that we can discuss if that session time will work or needs to be rescheduled for a later time and date.

Skills & Specialties

Sales /management experience extensive training through the State of Arizona in customer relations the art of relaxation and self-care through yoga Ayurvedic techniques aromatherapy balancing energy fields chakra work . I also custom blend essential oils to suit my client's needs and Infuse oils for medicinal and beauty needs


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