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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $85/hour

Papillion, NE

About Shy


Warm greetings! Thank you for visiting my profile.

From the outside: I am a professional cuddler, certified NLP Practitioner and a devoted advocate for mental health and well-being.

I believe that platonic touch is an essential form of human connection, and that many people are often deprived of this very simple but powerful need. A vast number of individuals today are feeling lonely, disconnected and heavily burdened by constant stress and the overwhelming pressures of even daily life. Cuddling is therapeutic with it’s calming, soothing effects on the mind and body, and sometimes that can also be empowering!

Touch releases Oxytocin, which is typically linked to “warm, fuzzy” feelings. Research has shown in it’s ability to help treat mental health disorders, by lowering stress, anxiety and the reduction of blood pressure and cortisol levels. This “happy hormone” can regulate our emotional responses and pro-social behaviors, including trust, empathy and can even promote growth and healing.

Looking closer: I am a very patient and understanding person, a great listener and most importantly, a generous and considerate cuddler. I am dedicated to personal growth through continual self-development and my own practices of self-care. I take a genuine interest in others and want to help them achieve those wonderful feelings of acceptance, comfort and peace.

My ultimate mission: To create a welcoming and nurturing space for you, to feel comfortable sharing with me whatever thoughts or feelings may come to mind, without any judgment. I want you to walk away from our session feeling warm, happy and healthy.

Session information from Shy

I conduct my sessions either in my living room on the “cloud” couch, or on the plush bed in my Zen Room. I play music from my smart speakers (requests welcomed) and dim the lighting to create a calm, inviting atmosphere.

We will begin by ensuring open, honest communication by both parties and establishing trust with one another. Also, our individual preferences will be discussed, as well as confirming full understanding of the Code of Conduct.

Every client is different, which means every session will be different. I customize each session to ensure my client’s own wishes for how to be supported and nurtured can best be met.

That being said, I will absolutely encourage you to share your wants, needs and boundaries – As open communication and consent are very much integral aspects of cuddling sessions.

Quick FYI’s:
• I do have a small dog and parrot living in my residence.
• Please park in the driveway.
• I do have security cameras on the property.

To learn more about my approach to cuddling, or if you have questions/concerns regarding how these sessions work, contact me and let’s talk.

Skills & Specialties

Certified NLP Practitioner NAMI Peer Leadership Council


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