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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $60/hr plus travel if needed

Oskaloosa, IA

About Summer

Congratulations on understanding the basic need of caring human touch and looking into this therapeutic touch for your benefit!
My goal is for you to leave a session feeling flooded with contentedness and your cup filled with the touch that everybody needs. Any benefit is positive and something I’m thankful to be a part of.

I’m passionate about affectionate, non-sexual human touch, and know how much we, as social beings, need it and are missing it. We all want connection with other people. Lack of touch can lead to depression, anxiety, among other issues.

I am brand new to being a Cuddlist in a professional sense, but my whole life, physical touch has been my number 1 love language. And I was starved from it in many ways for most of my adult life. After the last few years, however, I have learned so much and would love to be able to share this healing avenue with others, as I have been healed by human touch as well.

It would be an honor to be able to have a session with you and have you come away from it feeling better than when you started. I was a stay home mom for 14 years, and I am a compassionate, empathetic, and nurturing person.

Session information from Summer

Once you submit a request, I’ll be in touch with you within the day, and we can exchange a few messages about what you might be expecting, and what I offer.

I’ll also be sharing the Code of Conduct with you, that we will both be agreeing to for our session so that it can be everything that you are hoping for.

When you arrive for your session, if it’s at my house, you can expect a welcoming and clean environment. Softer lighting and calm music is a good way to prepare for a relaxing hour, in my opinion. I have no pets in my home, nor is there smoking of any kind.

I live in Oskaloosa, and I’m happy to have sessions here or I can come to you if you are out of town.

If you live more than 15 minutes away, and I need to come to your house, I charge $10 per hour of driving, in addition to the hourly fee. I accept PayPal for payment or an exact amount of cash. If I’m driving out of town to you, I will need payment through PayPal BEFORE I start driving. And if the session is here, I will take payment upfront before the session starts.

I will accept a cancellation with 24 hours or more notice in advance.

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