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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $115/hour

Aurora, IL

About Sunshine

~ Think of me as an Emotional Support Human! ~

Soft pillows, fuzzy blankies, soothing music, relaxing scents, and the comforting warmth of a nurturing, cheerful person who enforces setting healthy boundaries — these are some of the things that you can expect from a cuddle session with me. 

All sessions are client-led, meaning you can decide what to do with your session time.  Every session begins with our opening agreement.  Then I will ask, “How would you like to begin your session today?”  We can talk about life, work, family, friendship, or we can spend the whole time in silence, if you’d like.  We don’t even have to physically cuddle at all.   A cuddle session or emotional support session is about YOU carving out time for YOURSELF to practice self-care with an emotional support guide.

Cuddle therapy is not as exciting as some people hope, and not as scary as some people fear

If you’ve gotten this far into your self-discovery journey, you are braver than most.  I commend you for taking this bold first step in deciding what YOU need for self-care!

Even if we don’t work together, I hope that you ASK COURAGEOUSLY and receive everything you need to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

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Cuddling is something that I find profoundly therapeutic, both giving and receiving.  Without human contact, we can feel “dehydrated.”  I believe that being held and comforted is an innate, human need that doesn’t just end in childhood when cuddling is more socially acceptable.  Whether it be emotional space-holding or literal, physical holding, it is my intention to provide a nurturing atmosphere for everyone who seeks out my care.

The world can be a very challenging place, and it is a relief to know that a sanctuary lies just within arms’ reach.  My mission is World Peace, and I believe that I’m doing my part by providing an emotional safety fort and a listening ear for people who crave platonic hugs, comfort, and care.  My specialty is creating warm, peaceful, relaxing places for people to unwind.  If cuddling isn’t your thing, and you just need someone to talk to, I’m here for it!



  • Emotional Support
  • Trauma Release
  • Dating Coaching
  • Inner Child Development


Emotional Support

Have you ever just needed a safe, non-judgemental person to hold space for you?  Are you overwhelmed and need to just talk it out?  Whether you need a listening ear, physical holding, guided meditation, some movement, or just to scream and sob it out, I’m here for it!

Is there a project or task that you need to accomplish but it’s too daunting to do on your own?  Bring your paperwork, project, laptop, or task list along and we’ll tackle it together.

Is there a scary phone call or email you need to write?  Do you just need someone to be there and hold your hand?  I’m happy to be that person for you.  Whatever it is that’s weighing you down, I’m happy to help lighten your load.


Trauma Release

This is not therapy in the traditional sense.  YOU know what you need, and I can help you discover what that is.  I provide a safe space for you to unravel so that you can figure out the best course of action forward.  I’m also happy to help you find a traditional therapist who’s right for you if that’s the route you decide is best.


Dating Coaching

Are you stuck in a dating rut and can’t figure out why?  Maybe you need an objective perspective.  If you’d like to tell me about you recent dating experiences, I will give you genuine feedback.  However, don’t ask unless you want complete and total honesty.  After all, that’s what you’re paying a professional for.  :~D


Inner Child Development

What is something that you loved doing as a child with your friends and family?  What made you sparkle or feel safe?  Is this something we can do together?

Over the years, in addition to cuddling, clients have requested:

  • Children’s movies
  • Blanket forts
  • Board games
  • UNO or other card games
  • Coloring
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Hair brushing



Asking for what you genuinely want can be the scariest thing anyone can ever do for themselves.

  • What if they say no?
  • What if they reject ME?
  • What if I’m wrong for wanting to pillow fight a stranger?
  • What if people think that I don’t deserve it?

Conquering this fear of rejection can lead to huge progress in other areas of your life.  I’m here to help you practice asking and being resilient and gracious when you hear the reply.  Hearing a “no” can be disappointing, frustrating, and discouraging.  That’s okay!  This is a safe place to feel vulnerable.

On the flip side, hearing a “yes” can be emboldening, exhilarating, and encouraging.   In our first cuddle session especially, we both will ask permission and wait to receive an answer before proceeding.  We will negotiate what feels safe and comfortable in the moment and communicate if/when that comfort level shifts.  Consent and respecting personal boundaries are of the utmost importance.   By the third or fourth session, clients know my boundaries and what I find acceptable.  I have a general idea of what they want out of their cuddle sessions, and remain open to learning more.



Asking for what you want is half of the equation in cuddle therapy.  It’s a superpower that builds resilience and courage.  If you don’t ever ask for what you want, how do you expect to get it?  How will you ever get all of what you really want out of life?  A cuddle session is a great way to practice and hone this valuable skill.

Just because it’s not something I will do, doesn’t mean that you’re wrong for asking for it.

The world is full of all kinds of people with diverse interests.  I’ve been asked for many, many things that fall into a G-rated category that are outside my comfort zone, and therefore will not do.  I welcome people to ask!  I know my boundaries, and will cheerfully decline and invite another request.  There IS someone out there who is willing!  How will you know if you don’t ask?  Don’t miss out on your perfect match for fear of rejection.

That being said, I feel that I need to be upfront.  Sometimes, clients are looking for something specific.  They don’t mention it on the Cuddlist intake form, or my personal intake form, or during the initial text message, or during our introductory call.  They arrive, take off their shoes, settle in, and then ask.  I politely decline and they wish to end the session with a refund or become very annoyed, citing that other Cuddlists have done this in the past, that they feel tricked, or that they are willing to pay extra in hopes of changing my mind about how I feel.  *Sigh*  While, this is certainly red-flag behavior, I understand their frustration and have empathy.

Therefore, here is a short list of some things that have been requested that I will not do.  (This list will surely grow as I am in this business longer.)

I will not:

  • Have sleepovers
  • Do skin-to-skin contact with torso, back, or feet
  • Lie on top of you  (Yes, I understand that it’s for the compression; Yes, I know your last cuddle therapist didn’t mind; No, you can’t pay me extra to change my mind. I’m a different person with different boundaries, and I’m just not comfortable with that)
  • Wear any kind of costume, special material, or mask
  • Eat anything in particular in the presence of clients
  • Do massage during cuddle sessions or do cuddling during massage sessions, although clients can book these separately


  • Going to other locations–perhaps if it’s public and for the right reasons.  I do not do out-calls to client’s homes, but if you needed accompaniment to a public place, I’m open for discussion.
  • Virtual emotional support in public places.  Do you need someone in your earbud to read the Serenity Prayer to you while you walk through the grocery store? Or give you reassuring unconditional positive regard while you walk into the gym the first time in years?  Do you need to have someone with you virtually while you sort through a loved one’s closet after a death or break-up?  I am happy to be there for you.



Hearing a “no” can be disappointing, but I trust that you will be okay.  I do not possess any power over you.  You will survive a “no” from me.  You will be able to go on with your life if I don’t acquiesce to every request, and you will even flourish!  I have no doubt.  What I am modeling in these sessions is how to set boundaries with kindness and release any people-pleasing tendencies. 

You are welcome to make platonic, G-rated requests.  I might not say “yes” to everything, but you’re welcome to ask, and I will give a genuine answer.  This is a safe place for you to ask for what you want.  In a cuddle session, my intention is to create an atmosphere where we can honor a “no” with the same amount of grace as we would with a “yes.”  In cuddle therapy, we are genuinely excited and curious to hear each other’s truth. 

I will only agree to what I’m whole-heartedly a “YES!” to, and if I have to decline a request, I will negotiate to find something we both might enjoy.  I will not shame you, laugh at your request, or reject YOU.  I’m simply, clearly, gently, neutrally declining your request without agenda.  My reason might be that it’s just no something I want to do.  I don’t have to explain myself and neither do you.  I will remain open and curious about how you genuinely want to spend your time with me.  We will discuss all of this in our mandatory introductory call, so let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to do in my request form here:  




Cuddlist has an in-depth training program for professional cuddlers as well as a vast support network.  We get resources included in our memberships.  There are built-in safety protocols and our requests are screened for us.  There are feedback forms available for both clients and practitioners.

Clients seek out professional cuddling for a variety of reasons.  Many clients simply desire a connection with another human where there are no expectations or obligations outside of the cuddle session.  While some clients make cuddle therapy a regular part of their self-care routine, not everyone wants this.  You are welcome to book your session with me, unload your burdens at my door, leave them there, and walk away.  We never have to speak again, and that is perfectly fine.  This is not always possible with family or friends.

No one is allowed to simply tolerate something we don’t really want.  That is the beauty of genuine connection any why I love the Cuddlist brand so much.  If you would prefer not to cuddle at all, that’s totally fine.  You’re not going to disappoint me and I will not take it personally.  For clients who love to nurture others, and don’t get the opportunity, I love receiving back and foot massages and having my hair brushed and braided.  I genuinely want to know what brings YOU joy.



There are many benefits to platonic cuddling.  Clients have noticed a reduction in their overall pain, anxiety, anger, depression, sleeplessness, and reactionary responses to stress.  Clients report feeling more centered, balanced, relaxed, and calm yet energized after a cuddle session.



The only agreement beyond what’s covered in the Code of Conduct is that we must agree to not endure, tolerate, or put up with any physical contact that is not whole-heartedly wanted.  Meaning, if you’re arm fell asleep, please let me know.  If you need to use the bathroom, go ahead.  No permission is necessary.  I promise to also do the same.  That way, we never have to wonder if the other person is uncomfortable or not.  Both of us are allowed to change our minds at any time, we only have to speak up or move away.

To see more of what this looks like, please read the Code of Conduct.

** Please do not solicit me for anything unbecoming of this sacred profession **

This is not a sexual service in any way.  If you wouldn’t ask your grandma or a child, don’t ask me.  It will make me very uncomfortable and upset the head and heart space that I need to be able to take care of my other clients.  I will report any lewd messages to local authorities and they will contact you.  Please spare us both this trauma.  Thank you for respecting my boundaries.



Session information from Sunshine


For the sake of everyone’s time, safety, and emotional well-being, please follow my booking guidelines.

I will NOT schedule the introductory call or the session without the intake forms completed thoroughly and your intro call scheduled.


  1. Fill out the Cuddlist Request Form here through the request button to the left on this page.
  2. Next, fill out my personal intake form so that I can get a better idea of what it is that you’re looking for to ensure that we are a compatible fit:  https://forms.gle/XHPaEFuX21rZzvuB9
  3. Please text me at (630) 465-5734 with your full name and email to let me know that you completed my forms so that I can look them up.
  4. I will review your form, and if we are a good fit, I will text you to confirm your information.Then, you can schedule your intro call here: https://www.massagebook.com/business/1197430/select-product/services/1deaf92c23217ff01cbc4aeb064792c7?ncf_source=search_site&src=massagebook
  5. If we are still a good match, you may book your session online.
  6. Select “Emotional Support” through my booking software here:  https://www.massagebook.com/dashboard#/business/1197430/setup/services/.
  7. You’ll create your login account, choose the length of time you’d like, book your session on my calendar, and then check out.  You must be pre-approved after the introductory call in order to keep your appointment.

** If you are brand-new to professional cuddling, I might recommend a virtual session first before our in-person session together to be certain that you understand the rules.  If you are presenting red flag behavior, I will simply not respond.

I prefer text messages rather than phone calls because it helps me to have all of my clients’ info written down in one place.  Clients will also get quicker responses while I’m in between sessions.  This process helps me organize my schedule and be more efficient with my time and yours.

I do not offer massage sessions on the same days as cuddle sessions; however, cuddle clients are welcome to request to book a massage on another day.  There is a separate, medical intake form, but the process is the same as above to book an appointment via text.  Please read all my rates, services, and policies at SunshineWellnessServicesLLC.com.  Please respect my boundaries and do not solicit me for services unbecoming of my sacred profession.



When you first arrive for your session, I will orientate you to the space.  You’ll remove your shoes and hang up your things.  I’ll show you where the bathroom and snack/tea area is.  Then we’ll meet back in the cuddle space.  I’ll begin with our Opening Agreement.  We’ll go over the rules of cuddling and we’ll both agree to them.  Then we’ll discuss what you want to do during your session.



It is helpful to have a few ideas in mind for how you would like to begin your cuddle session, so think about it beforehand.  Clients are welcome to bring their own music, blankets, pillows, journal, tea or whatever will bring them added comfort.  We will have a 10-minute “returning to your body” process at the end that will be included in your session length.  Clients tend to be profoundly relaxed and somewhat disoriented following a cuddle session.  We will talk about serotonin and oxitocin levels being elevated and possible emotional contractions you might feel later.  We will discuss ways that you can prolong this feeling of euphoria and continue your self-care over the next few days.

The length of sessions typically range from 1-4 hours.  Clients often choose to nap; however, I will remain awake in order to hold space for you.  If you would like to add more time to your session, please notify me at least halfway through your session to ensure that I don’t have another client on their way.  I might have to take a few minutes out to adjust my schedule to allow for the added time, so I appreciate your patience.

Extra time is billed at $60 per half hour increment if you’d like to add more time.

My cuddle space is located in Aurora, IL.

There are no pets on the premises.



Payment will be due at the beginning of every session if you haven’t already prepaid through my booking software.  There will be a little stand with QR codes for Venmo andPayPal.  I accept debit or credit through Square.



To honor our time together, I ask for a 24 hours’ cancellation notice.  I am 100% self-employed through all of my jobs, and I cannot make back reserved time for last-minute cancellations or no-shows.  If a client must cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, and would like to reschedule with me, I will ask them to prepay for a gift certificate and I will honor it for a future session for up to 3 months.  Clients must have two sessions with no issues before they are eligible for my Monthly Cuddle Membership.

“Like” my Facebook page “Sunshine Snuggles” for updates on events, promotions, and availability.

Visit my website for more info.



My studio is located 3 miles southeast of I-88 off of the Rt. 31 exit in the 60506 zip code.

Clients are welcome to park in the parking garage across the street for $1/hr, or $5 for a day pass, or there is 90 min. street parking out front.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

Licensed Massage Therapist Reiki Practitioner Certified Yoga Instructor Belly Dance Instructor Zumba Instructor Certified Elementary Teacher Substitute Teacher Math and Reading Tutor


I am available by appointment only for in-studio and virtual sessions in Aurora, IL.

I do not offer out-call services at this time.

My regular hours are weekdays from 12-7pm.


Members Only

If you don't have access to Members Only, please contact help@cuddlist.com.