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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $90/hour

Aurora, IL

About Sunshine

Think of me as your Emotional Support Human!

Soft pillows, fuzzy blankies, soothing music, relaxing scents, light snacks, and the comforting warmth of another caring person — these are some things that you can expect from your cuddle session with me.

Touch is my love language. Without it, I feel incomplete. Even the most fulfilling, compatible relationship can feel like something is missing if one person’s touch needs aren’t met. This is where cuddle sessions can help. Sessions are a world within themselves. There are no obligations to the other person outside of the cuddle session.

Cuddling is something that I find profoundly therapeutic, both giving and receiving. I believe that being held and comforted is an innate need that we all have as human beings that doesn’t just end in childhood. The world can be a very challenging place, and it is a relief to know that a sanctuary lies just within arms’ reach. My mission is World Peace, and I believe that I’m doing my part by providing care for people who crave platonic hugs, comfort, and love.

My specialty is creating safe places for people to be. Whether it be emotional space-holding or literal, physical holding, it is my intention to provide a nurturing atmosphere for everyone who seeks out my care. Imagine if we all got the affection and love we needed in our day-to-day lives. What a fulfilling life we would have!

There is healing in platonic, physical touch. There are some things that words of affirmation cannot fix. No pill or substance can take the place of nurturing touch. As a massage therapist of 10+ years, I know the renewing power of therapeutic touch. I create a warm, safe space for all of my clients to explore their need for physical contact in a G-rated environment. To see more of what this looks like, please read the Code of Conduct.

People seek out therapeutic cuddling for a variety of reasons. Many clients simply desire a connection with another human where there are no expectations or obligations for there to be more than platonic intimacy. Clients have noticed reduction in their anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and reactionary responses to stress. Clients report feeling more centered, balanced, relaxed, and calm yet energized after a cuddle session.

Whether you are looking for closeness following long periods of being single, or you just crave more physical contact in your life, I’m here to provide a session that meets those needs in a safe, platonic, mutually-satisfying environment. The only agreement outside of what’s covered in the Code of Conduct is that we must agree to not endure, tolerate, or put up with any physical contact that is not whole-heartedly wanted. That way, we never have to wonder if the other person is consenting to what we’re doing. Both of us are allowed to change our minds at any time, we only have to speak up and say so.

So that we can determine if we are a good fit for each other, I would ask that my clients attend a monthly Cuddle Party, especially if they are brand new to this concept. That way, clients can participate in a larger group setting and get a feel for what a private session might look like. Once we decide on a session date and time, I will book you through my scheduling software that I use for my massage therapy practice. Payment will be due at the beginning of every session.

My hope for all my clients is that they can get their touch needs met with me so that they can go back out into their daily lives–to their jobs, relationships, and the world–with a “full bucket” and a renewed sense of peace and fulfillment.

Session information from Sunshine

Once you submit a request, we will set up a time to meet in person prior to scheduling. Our time on this earth is valuable. I only wish to meet with serious cuddle session inquiries. Please read through my profile and policies thoroughly, review the code of conduct, and come prepared with any questions that have not yet been covered for your 20-minute pre-screening.

If you are totally new to the concept of professional cuddling, I would encourage all of my potential clients to attend a Cuddle Party at my location to meet me and get a feel for what platonic cuddling looks like.

When you arrive for your session, I will greet you at the door, you will be welcomed to teas and light snacks, I will take payment, and we will discuss how you would like to begin your cuddle session. It is helpful to have a few ideas in mind about what would feel good to you for your hour-long session. We will have a 10-minute check-in and check-out process. If you would like to add more time to your session, please notify me halfway through at the latest. I might have to take a few minutes out to adjust my schedule to allow for this added time, so patience is appreciated. Extra time is billed at the same hourly rate.

My cuddle space is located in the meditation room of my yoga studio. There is a papasan couch, a couple of ottomans, and comfy padding on the floor with a beautifully patterned duvet on top.

I do not offer out-call services at this time.
I am located 3 miles south of I-88 off of the Rt. 31 exit in the 60506 zip code.

Clients are welcome to park in the parking garage across the street, or there is 90-minute street parking out front.

There are no pets on the premises.

Once we agree on an appointment day and time, I schedule my Cuddlist clients in the scheduling software that I use for my massage clients called MassageBook. Clients will receive an appointment confirmation upon booking and an appointment reminder the day before via email.

Our time upon this earth is valuable. To honor our time, I ask for a 24 hours’ cancellation notice. Because I am 100% self-employed through yoga, teaching, Zumba, massage, and Cuddlist, I cannot make up my income for last-minute cancellations or no-shows. In order to continue to do this sacred work, I ask that clients give me 24 hours’ notice for cancellations. If you cannot keep your appointment and have to cancel in less than 24 hours, all future sessions must be paid in advance.

Request a session through the button for availability, and fill out the required intake form here.

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Skills & Specialties

Licensed massage therapist Reiki practitioner yoga instructor tribal style belly dancer Zumba instructor teacher


By appointment only.

"Like" my Facebook page "Sunshine Snuggles" for updates on events, promotions, and availability.

Visit my website SunshineSnuggles.com for more info.

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