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Suzy V

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Suzy V

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

San Francisco, CA

About Suzy V

Welcome to my cuddle space, where a world of comforting pleasure awaits you! Experience the benefits of respectful, affectionate and therapeutic physical touch without judgment or expectation, opening undreamed-of avenues into your true self. I’m a practicing Buddhist, compassionate foodie, Internet radio personality, standup comic, and student of human interaction. My Cuddlist practice carries the core principles of love and respect for all living beings into an exploration of joyous and healing physical touch within the parameters of mutual consent and clear boundaries, for the aid and enlightenment of others. Remember the unparalleled comfort of being cradled in your mother’s arms, or nestling against her as you nap? Or maybe you miss the calm and reassuring embrace of a now-absent partner or childhood friend? That euphoric feeling is yours again in my cuddle space! Sessions can be quiet and meditative, silly and fun, conversational, introspective, purely relaxing, or any combination of these that suits you in the moment.

Session information from Suzy V

My session locations and atmosphere are open to personal preference, including your choice of music, candles and natural fragrances/incense. The presence of your non-disruptive pet is also welcome, but please note that tobacco smoke and chemical fragrances are not permitted. Your initial consultation is free of charge or commitment and can be held via Skype, phone, personal meeting or any combination of these. Sessions can be held in your home, in a natural setting such as a park or beach, or in pretty much any safe, quiet and mutually comfortable space within the SF Bay Area (or beyond, with additional travel stipend). Don’t you deserve to explore this new mode of self care? Let yourself be amazed at how cuddling can improve your overall well-being and quality of life!


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