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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80

Evergreen Park, IL

About Tamika

Welcome to the world of platonic healthy touch and empowerment. I am Tamika and I want to reveal to you how cuddling can change your life. Cuddling can help improve your mental and physical health. Being touch deprived growing up I know how essential it is to receive human contact. There are many health benefits that come with cuddling. It will help lower your blood pressure, improve your immune system, release tension, and increase oxytocin just to name a few benefits. Being in a no judgement zone where you will be accepted and can explore your wants and needs is essential in today’s crazy world. I offer that.

Relaxing your body and mind is important in today’s hectic world. Welcome to your cuddle session. I am here to empower you through healthy platonic touch. Explore your boundaries, find your voice, drip into relaxation, feel compassion in a non-judgmental zone, and feel present. Are you ready to empower yourself? Are you ready to feel enlightened in a non-judgmental zone? I enjoy bringing affection and joy in people’s lives. Cuddling is very good for your health. The improvements in my personal health both physically and mentally has been amazing. I want you to experience the same improvements in your personal life. It boosts oxytocin, lowers your blood pressure, and improves your immune system just to name a few of the benefits. I would love the opportunity to share space and to bring you relaxation.

Session information from Tamika

I do ask that you submit your request at least 72 hours in advance. I will respond to your request within 24 hours via phone call. Please be 18 years of age or older. I am doing outcalls only. No same day requests. There is a travel fee of $25.00 for the first 30 min, any time after that is $5.00 every 10 min after that. If you have any pets that are vicious please place the pet in a safe space. I do ask that no heavy colognes or perfumes be worn. Please be well maintained and wear laundered clothing. If you are going to cancel please give me 24 hour notice. Please read the Code of Conduct and agree to it. 


I am available daily except Wednesday and Sunday.