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Theresa Andrews

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Martinez, CA | East Bay

About Theresa

Being the mother of two children I have witnessed that a caring touch can make the world a bit less scary and a bit more inviting. Just a simple kiss on a scraped knee or gently rubbing their back to help mend hurt feelings means the world to them, and to me. I find my pleasure and joy in sharing my touch with others when they are able to openly accept it.

My goal is to assist others in becoming more confident in themselves and finding their voice, declaring their boundaries while enjoying the touch of another without guilt or embarrassment. As part of that I also like to work with clients on self-love, self-appreciation and body image issues. I want my clients to leave our session feeling heard, respected and cared for and to feel a renewed sense of calm. While at an Intimacy Intensive I became fully aware of how much we need consensual touch and I realized I had to share that with others. I love that moment when someone finally settles in and you hear that first “ahhh” and their shoulders drop. That’s music to my ears as it is an unconscious indicator that we have achieved trust and the ability to relax with each other.

Client Review: Time with Theresa is a special time for me. We cuddle, and we can talk, laugh or be tranquil. I appreciate Theresa’s warmth and sincerity. She has a mission to bring restorative touch back into our too-busy culture. Thank you, Theresa!
Elizabeth, Oakland.

Session information from Theresa

I conduct my sessions in my home where we can be comfortable with no interruptions. I like to listen to Pandora (client’s choice) in the background while cuddling and I use candles and muted tones to help relax the both of us. Each session starts with discussing the direct communication needed by both of us to establish trust in our partnership. I am very passionate about helping my clients find their voice and establishing boundaries; being able to accept “No.” as a one-word sentence and to not be offended when hearing it or feeling bad when saying it. I have plenty of free parking in my neighborhood as well as access to BART and bus stops.

I will Skype beforehand with you to see if we “click”; there is a travel fee for outcalls. I am able to take cash, PayPal or Square; In my sessions I appreciate keeping scents to a minimum as well as good hygiene; I have basic supplies on hand should you need to freshen up before our session starts. I understand sometimes a client must cancel a session but please notify me at least twenty-four hours in advance if possible so I may make myself available to another buddy in need of a cuddle. You can learn more about me at Theresa (Bundtrock) Andrews on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Skills & Specialties

In training with the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality


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