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Tina D

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

About Tina D

Hi there. Are you feeling it’s time to communicate your intimacy boundaries without fear, guilt or shame? Tired of censoring yourself and ready to follow your inner wisdom about what feels good for you. Welcome!!! You’ve come to the right place. I am a Professional Cuddlist and am super excited to support you in mindful presence, intentional touch and personal growth and awareness.

A couple of years ago my bestie and I discussed why we never platonically touched each other except for the odd triangle hug. We wouldn’t even couple dance. I realized I had a line in the sand regarding who I would touch(usually a significant other) and no one else(especially male friends) were allowed in ‘that’ zone. Last year something clicked and I shifted my perspective and now my bestie and I hug, put our arms around each other and couple dance. We’ve taken our friendship to another level. I want that for you too. To be empowered to make requests, experiment with conscious touch and lean into the uncomfortable. More touch means less stress.

Allowing platonic touch with my bestie gave me permission to open up to other people. Now when I dance with men I dance the way I like without wondering and worrying ‘Will they think I’m hitting on them’ ‘What if they get the wrong idea’ I’ve discovered when I allow my creative self expression my dance partners can find their flow as well. I stifled so much of my self expression worrying about what other people think. It’s so freeing to be myself.


Session information from Tina D

When you come to my place I will greet you and show you where you can change into comfy clothes. We will then sit on the couch and go over the Opening Agreement that will make your experience awesome and safe. After we have agreed to the rules we will start cuddling. Everything is in your hands – you make the requests on how you would like to be touched or not touched. At first it can seem a little scary making requests and that’s okay. I‘m here to support and encourage you in this beautiful journey of discovering platonic touch.

There are no strong smells in the house. I am sensitive to some perfumes, colognes, laundry/fabric softener and cigarettes and request you minimally use them and avoid smoking a cigarette prior to visiting me.

I have an adorable kitten who may or may not join us.

Once you have submitted a request I will respond within 48 hours. I will contact you by email or text to see if our schedules align. I offer a no charge 10 minute consultation to discuss the code of conduct and any questions or concerns you may have.

I take payment through E-transfer or Cash

Clients must accept the Cuddlist terms of service before booking appointments. Guest parking available. I am accessible by public transit. Please be freshly showered and teeth brushed prior to coming.

Skills & Specialties

Cuddle Party Facilitator Somatic Intimacy Coach The Wheel of Consent via Like a Pro with Dr. Betty Martin Landmark Education focusing on Communication Studies Intuitive Healer


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