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Trish L

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80

Austin, TX

About Trish L

My name is Trish and I am so excited to offer this amazing service to all those who feel like they are lacking in safe, consensual, platonic touch. I came upon the idea of cuddling through my best friend after I left a long-term, toxic relationship in which touch was not always safe, often rejected, and rarely reciprocated. After one cuddle session I realized how desperately I missed the intimacy and validation of safe touch and I decided I needed to offer this to others who are missing the same. This practice has brought me a new-found level of confidence in my everyday life, as I now feel much more confident in asking for what I want in all situations, from intimacy with my partner to everyday occurrences. I love to cuddle and to offer comfort to others in whatever way they feel safe and supported. I will hold safe space for anyone who needs the validation and respect provided by the welcoming touch of completely consensual platonic touch. I would love to be afforded the opportunity to provide that for you.

In addition to my Cuddlist certification, I am also studying to be an EFT practitioner, as well as a nutrition coach. I have worked with addiction, adolescent offenders and the elderly. I spent time working in a hospital, taking care of very sick patients suffering stroke, heart attacks and kidney failure among other issues. I enjoy helping others and offering any skills I can to create a welcoming presence for them.

Session information from Trish L

Once your request has been submitted you can expect a phone call from me in which we can gain a little more knowledge about our expectations, and any potential health issues that may be present. We can go over the Code of Conduct to make certain you are aware and willing to abide by the rules, and that you are comfortable with my boundaries as well. Any additional concerns can also be addressed at that time. If you decide to join me in my Cuddle Zone I will provide water or hot tea, a comfy mattress, soft blankets and lots of pillows! If you prefer to cuddle in your personal Cuddle Zone I am willing to travel to anywhere in the Austin area. I do request that your linen is clean, and there will be an extra travel fee of $10 within a 25 mile radius of Wells Branch, and $20 for those outside of the area. If you have cats please be kind enough to let me know well ahead of time so I can take allergy medicine. I can accept cash or PayPal at this time.


Skills & Specialties

Nutritional coaching Nurse Assistant working with addiction and other offenders


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