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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Raleigh, NC

About Tyler

Tyler believes this world is a wonderful and amazing place, but nonetheless a place that can made even better with a bit of love and cuddling! He also believes that one of the greatest achievement a person can attain is to find true happiness, whether it be just be for a fleeting moment or an eternity (hopefully the latter). Everyone finds this happiness in different ways but contributing to this discovery in any way is a great experience!

Tyler is a biologist by training/education, and enjoy studying life and all its wonders!

Session information from Tyler

I conduct my sessions on a big couch in my living room (or at the customers residence if they would like). I play Pandora (artist requests welcome) and light candles . We begin by creating a comfortable consensual communication agreement and let individual preferences guide us from there. In addition to cuddling I focus on empowering my clients to identify and speak their wants and needs. I am also open to just cuddling silently if the client finds this more comfortable.

Skills & Specialties

Biologist Massage Therapy Communication Listening Smiling


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