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Xtevan Austin

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Austin, Texas

About Xtevan Austin

Kinaesthetic Shaman™
I am very Kinaesthetic and find joy in movement and touch. I do yoga, ecstatic dance and Contact Improv frequently. I have many years of martial arts, rock climbing & triathlon experience. I am intimately familiar with consent culture, conflict mediation and crisis intervention from my years as a Black Rock Ranger at Burning Man and affiliated regional events.

My primary modality is Kinaesthetic so I have a deeper connection to touch and sensation than that which more Visual & Auditory people typically have. Human contact is a vital part of every human’s existence, babies deprived of touch rarely thrive or in some cases don’t even survive. Our cultural trappings makes nonsexual contact difficult for most people. Social media is making face-to-face contact even less common and that compounds the problem even more. My Cuddlist practice is centered around creating breakthroughs in peoples lives through connection. Cuddlist’s code of conduct and guidelines create a safe space to explore touch and heal past trauma. I would like to unleash the awesomeness that lies with in you

I am available for out calls in the greater Austin/Round Rock area. Some weeks I may available for out call sessions in North San Antonio.

One of my ranger skills is holding space for individuals to generate their own answers. I have participated and sponsored in Twelve Step recovery groups for many years. I have been a rock climbing instructor and USAT licensed Triathlon coach. I have coached marathon pace groups with Austin Fit. I have completed Landmark’s Curriculum for Living and coached participants in their Self Expression & Leadership Program. I have had instruction in shiatsu, cupping & other energy healing modalities.

Session information from Xtevan Austin

At present I am only available for out calls to your location. Transit fees may apply* for those outside a 10 mile radius or sessions that require travel during rush hour traffic.

My usual attire during a session is long pants and a t-shirt.

Please have aggressive pets outside or in a space where they will not interrupt the session

Please have a safe, clean, and private space in mind before booking a session.

*Travel fees must legally be waived for any handicapped client, which we gladly honor.

Skills & Specialties

Personal Coaching Performance Coaching Mediation & Conflict resolution


Right now I am on the road a lot, my weeks are presently split with time in Austin, San Antonio and the small town my parents are resettling in. I can typically book appointments for the following week. Send a session request with your availability

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