Everyone is the perfect fit for someone.

Each professional cuddler is just as unique as our clients. Take your time to ask questions, and communicate what you’re looking for in a cuddling session.  Each professional cuddler is there to listen, comfort, console, encourage, and journey with you throughout every cuddle. Remember to pursue positive emotions and listen to your unmet needs. Your professional cuddler will be direct and honest with you about what they have to offer you with their cuddle therapy.

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Benefits of Cuddling

Our society is suffering from chronic social isolation and touch deprivation and, to make matters worse, we have also sexualized touch. Touch deprivation is linked to anxiety, depression, aggression, stress, violent behavior, impulsiveness, low job performance, poor relational skills, and so on.

Sadly, many people in our society come from communities where they were never, or rarely, touched by their parents, family members, or friends or only experience touch through sex. There’s a better way. Cuddling provides mutually beneficial touch that many of us never received in the past or currently do not experience in the present. Much like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, professional therapeutic touch through cuddling is healing and transformative when it happens in a respectful and emotionally safe way. The protocols Cuddlist teaches establish and preserve these conditions.

Try therapeutic touch session with a Cuddlist cuddler practitioner, and see just how much more alive you will feel. We look forward to embracing you.

What is it for?

A session can:

● Improve immunity,
● Enhance mood,
● Serve as an energetic elixir for all patients, especially those with chronic medical conditions.
● Build self esteem
● Increase trust and self reliance
● Decrease anxiety and depression

What does it take to become a professional cuddler with Cuddlist?

Are you looking for a powerful outlet to channel the positivity, affection and strength you have to share? Are you naturally drawn to seeing the best in others and enjoy helping them see it too? Do you empathize easily yet know to not rush in and “rescue” others? Are you able to establish boundaries in a positive and consistent way? Would you like to build on, strengthen and improve these abilities in yourself?

These qualities combined with strong communication skills and a love of cuddling are the basic ingredients of a great Cuddlist. Our training and community of practitioners will bring out the best in you and how you connect with others. Working with clients will bring great personal rewards.