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Anna Joy

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: 110/hr

Seattle, WA

About Anna Joy


We get to be in person again! I’m enthusiastic to be back to seeing folks who’ve been vaccinated+2 weeks. Sessions are currently in the cutest Lake Union houseboat; location to switch to a Lake City office July 1st.

I’ve been growing with this modality since in 2015, my most recent addition being the Somatic Experiencing Institute’s 3-year embodied trauma healing training.

Some things folks say sessions support them in:

~ raising one’s Vitamin T levels – filling up the touch tank – replenishing a chronic touch deficit

~ sleeping better

~ relaxing more deeply

~ breathing better, using breath as a tool

~ having a break from pain

~ playing more

~ practicing embodiment and mindfulness

~ feeling pleasure, connection, and love – inspiring to dedication self-care

~ releasing anxiety, depression, loneliness, outdated beliefs/emotions

~ training the skill of noticing and asking for what they want, saying NO to what they don’t, and expecting to be accepted when showing their true selves – being more honest – all around

~ knowing how to create the container for a successful and satisfying platonic cuddle relationship

~ regulating the nervous system: resilience is when your body knows the right time to down-regulate and the right time to up-regulate, and automatically can do so.

May your touch-tank always be filled to the brim.

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Session information from Anna Joy

Unless I am listed as “Out of Office,” I aim to respond by email or call within 24-48 hrs.

Kindly allow 48 hours for cancellation or assume responsibility for payment of missed session.

Skills & Specialties

Cuddlist Sessions + Wheel of Consent see BettyMartin.org

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (in Training)

"Belly2Belly" - Partnered Breathing Meditation

Jikiden Reiki - deep physical and emotional level hands-on healing

Kundalini Yoga Breathwork

Authentic Relating Games (trained facilitator)


~no day-of bookings

~closed Sundays

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