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Anna Joy

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: 75-100

Fremont in Seattle, WA

About Anna Joy

(Pronouns: she/her)

“I’m so used to being the one care-taking and doing the holding that it was nice to just enjoy. I am grateful for all the care, energy, honesty and empathy you put into our sessions.”

“Thank you again and for making time for me yesterday morning. It makes me feel so good and takes the stress away. I forget about everything going on in my life and it’s like only the moment exists.”

“I felt/still feel very met and cared for… a wonderful experience!”

“Thank you, Anna, you make me feel so special. I experience so much joy when we talk and touch…you are a comrade in the cosmic quest.”

Among the profound gifts of purposeful touch are day-to-day peace, improved sleep and focus, lifted mood, and a place to process grief and chaos – this is some of what I witness firsthand in myself, my friends, and my clients.  Walk in exactly as you are, and float out feeling seen, blissful, energized and calm – a little more ready to love yourself and your life.

My adventure into offering therapeutic touch was instigated by how much I was thriving within a community that encouraged and welcomed healthy physical connection.  I felt compelled to share the deep satisfaction and wholeness I was accessing, so in 2015 my “Touch Ambassador” practice began, its mission to creatively experience and to honor the value of authentic connection.  Along with my stamp of approval from Cuddlist I’m certified with Cuddle Up To Me.

Whether it’s with me, another Cuddlist, a friend, or a stranger, may your touch-tank be brimming.

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Session information from Anna Joy

Response time: I aim to email or call within 24-48 hrs (unless I am away).

No in person sessions currently available for the duration of the international crisis.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours long usually makes for a great first session and seem to be a good medicinal amount. 🙂 Up to you!

Notes: All touch and energy exchanged are uncompromisingly platonic.  All types of people, genders, belief systems, races are welcomed.

Kindly allow 48 hours for cancellation or assume responsibility for payment of missed session.

Skills & Specialties

Partnered Breathing Meditation "Belly2Belly" (for couples who don't have to social distance)
Remote Jikiden Reiki (to heal and deeply soothe on both a physical and emotional level)
Breath work/nervous system de-activation
Authentic Relating games (trained facilitator)
Mantra Medicine and Visualization practices


Contact to discuss: not available day-of, not available on Sundays.

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