Professional Cuddlist, Chinello, Wormerveer Noord Holland
Professional Cuddlist, Chinello, Wormerveer Noord Holland
Professional Cuddlist, Chinello, Wormerveer Noord Holland
Professional Cuddlist, Chinello, Wormerveer Noord Holland
Professional Cuddlist, Chinello, Wormerveer Noord Holland
Professional Cuddlist, Chinello, Wormerveer Noord Holland

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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: €95

Wormerveer, Noord Holland, 1521

About Chinello

Head. Heart. Hands.

The purpose of life is to serve. My name is Chinello Ifebigh. I am a Cuddlist® trained professional cuddler in the greater Amsterdam area of The Netherlands, Europe.  I am a bodywork guide and an intimacy facilitator.  I am the founder of the Client Nurturing Method®, a method whose singular objective is simply to be a fully present, loving, and compassionate human being with integrity, for a fellow human. This all means that I am a practitioner who uses touch and talk in my work while harnessing the universal power of love. I have an extensive background training in transpersonal psychology and counseling particularly in the fields of intimacy, sexuality, boundaries, and consent. I am a student of and have trained with Weisfeld and numerous others.

According to the elderly members of my family, I had announced at  the age of 3 to everyone that when I grew up, I was going to cuddle people. Prior to becoming a professional cuddler, I had always had a complicated relationship with touch; suffice to say that this complication has contributed to my being trauma informed.

Touch has always been my way of getting acquainted with the world around me, learning the distinction between safe and unsafe. Having grown up in the tropics, I contracted a severe and deadly typhoid infection at the age of 15 which nearly cost me my life. During this period a number of children died of this illness. Due to a lack of medication, complications and adequate healthcare, my chances of survival were basically non-existent. As I lay dying, a kind young woman cradled me in her arms everyday and rocked and sang softly in her native language for about 8 weeks. I am convinced that I lived because of the power of her loving touch.

To share consensual touch  with another person while mutually acknowledging and respecting personal boundaries is an act of love and healing. I have been referred to as a Human Sanctuary: A person who provides a safe container for another person to explore vulnerability, enjoy consensual platonic touch and to experience a heartfelt genuine connection and an unconditional positive regard.

If you need  a shoulder to lean on, loving arms around you, or a place where you can safely cry, laugh, scream, talk, and cuddle for the pleasure of human connection; I  would be honored to be that person for you.

Please visit my website and fill out the contact request form in order to contact me for a cuddle session or for my other combined services. I am based in the greater Amsterdam area of The Netherlands, Europe. I usually respond within 24 hours.

Session information from Chinello

ENG: You can request a session with me through the Cuddlist website or through my website

Please allow a response period of 24-48 hrs.  A free and  non-binding online video or Whats App screening and introductory call is mandatory. This call lasts for about 20 minutes. If we mutually decide to a cuddle session and choose a date and time, I will send you an confirmation email with a payment link (or paypal if outside of the Netherlands). Please note that the session is confirmed only after your payment has been received. At the first session I require that we both sign 2 copies of my code of conduct (one for me and one for you) before the actual session commences. My workspace is a quiet peaceful and secluded tiny house located in my garden, surrounded by trees, birds, butterflies and bees. It is a clean and airy space where you can relax and be at ease. I am fully vaccinated against covid-19.

NL: U kunt via deze website een sessie met mij aanvragen of via mijn website

Na het versturen van een contactverzoek reageer ik meestal binnen 24- 48 uur. Een gratis en vrijblijvend kennismaking- of screeningsgesprek vindt online plaats via WhatsApp videobellen. Dit is een laagdrempelig gesprek van ongveer 20 minuten. Indien we samen verder besluiten om een sessie in te plannen en daadwerkelijk een datum en tijdstip prikken, zal ik deze per email bevestigen met daarin opgenomen een betaallink of Tikkie om de sessie te betalen. Let op: De sessie staat pas vast nadat jouw betaling maximaal 3 dagen voor de afgesproken datum volledig is voldaan. Het is helaas niet mogelijk om ter plekke een sessie te verlengen. Mijn werkplek bevindt zich in een practhtige gerestaureerde voormalige bouwkeet, in mijn achtertuin; heerlijk verscholen achter de planten en omringd met vogels, bloemetjes en beitjes. Het is er knus, zeer schoon, goed geventileerd en bovendien een rustplek waar je snel op jouw gemak zult voelen. Ik ben tevens volledig gevaccineerd tegen covid-19.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

Trauma informed Empowerment trainer Consent and Boundaries educator Fluent Dutch speaker


ENG: My regular working hours are weekdays from 09.00 till 17.00. For weekend sessions (saturday till 13.00) I require a 50% mark up on my regular hourly rate. I am available for longer sessions as from 1,5 hours, 2 hours, half a day (4 hours), or a full day (8 hours). The rates for these sessions can be provided.

NL: Mijn werkuren zijn op werkdagen van 09.00 tot 17.00. Ook is het mogelijk om een sessie in het weekend zaterdagochtend tot 13.00 te boeken. In dit geval komt er een toeslag van 50% op mijn uurtarief.

Het is ook mogelijk om sessies van anderhalf uur, 2 uur, een dagdeel of een hele dag in te plannen. De tarieven hiervoor zijn op aanvraag.

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