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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr plus travel

Wormerveer, Noord Holland, 1521

About Chinello

Head. Heart. Hands.

The purpose of life is to serve. My name is Chinello Ifebigh. I am a Cuddlist® trained professional cuddler in the greater Amsterdam area of The Netherlands, Europe. I am a bodywork guide and an intimacy facilitator. I am also an experienced professional muse and personal confidante. I am the founder of the Client Nurturing Method®, a method whose singular objective is simply to be a fully present, loving, and compassionate human being with integrity, for a fellow human. This all means that I am a practitioner who uses touch and talk in my work while harnessing the universal power of love. I have an extensive background training in transpersonal psychology and counseling particularly in the fields of intimacy, sexuality, boundaries, and consent. I am a student of and have trained with Weisfeld and numerous others.

Furthermore, I am a self compelled adventurer and inspired seeker. A playful but wholly professional practitioner with a vast amount of inner resources: compassion, emotional resilience, vulnerability, presence of heart, and maturity. For many years I have been an entrepreneur in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and a restaurant owner. As an introvert and nature lover, It would be honest to say that I have a consciously careful relationship with my fellow humans. Nevertheless, one of the most interesting aspects of my life has always been the ease with which I have been able to connect to-, bond with, and inspire a sense of safety and trust with strangers. This aspect alone, which I jokingly refer to as my superpower, combined with a deep inner sense of fulfillment, is the clear voice that called me home from an exciting life of entrepreneurship to an even more challenging and confrontational life of active human service. Please visit my website The-Confidante.nl and fill out the contact request form in order to contact me for a cuddle session or for my other combined services. I am based in the greater Amsterdam area of The Netherlands, Europe. I usually respond within 24 hours.

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Please visit my website for all practical information regarding how I run my sessions. The-Confidante.nl


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