Professional Cuddlist, Clarissa, Santa Cruz CA
Professional Cuddlist, Clarissa, Santa Cruz CA
Professional Cuddlist, Clarissa, Santa Cruz CA
Professional Cuddlist, Clarissa, Santa Cruz CA
Professional Cuddlist, Clarissa, Santa Cruz CA
Professional Cuddlist, Clarissa, Santa Cruz CA
Professional Cuddlist, Clarissa, Santa Cruz CA
Professional Cuddlist, Clarissa, Santa Cruz CA

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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $120/hour (sliding scale) + travel fee for outcalls beyond Santa Cruz area

Santa Cruz, CA

About Clarissa

(Pronouns She/Her)

Be met right where you are. Be safe, be held, and be seen. Breathe, relax, and feel accepted through the simplicity of loving warmth and accepting presence. This is what I love about cuddle sessions!

I am an intuitive guide who risked a departure from my science degree and career to dive into the question: What gives life meaning? I couldn’t understand why, if I was working so hard and appearing to be so successful, I still felt unhappy and unfulfilled. I discovered that I needed deeper, more authentic connection with others (and myself!).

What’s important to me about professional therapeutic touch is the incredible gap that it bridges between the Truth of who we are and the social constructs in which we live. Humans desperately need touch, but they have been conditioned to be afraid of it—afraid of asking for it, afraid of even sensing what they need.

Therapeutic touch combined with abiding presence is so powerful. It can be deeply connecting and nourishing, with more impact than talk therapy. My goal is for you to feel deeply relaxed and welcome in your body; to feel seen and a sense of connection; to feel comforted in your heart and alive in your being.

View my video, What Does a Cuddle Session Look Like? here:


– Your work has already eased some suffering in my life in a profound way. And my world is getting better.

– I find myself replaying favorite moments of our session, and feeling comforted again and again.

– You have quite an amazing intuition for connecting with people.

– There has been such a significant — some might say incredibly and profoundly unbelievable — improvement in my health since I began seeing you in sessions, that I want to share with others what you have done for me.

– I met a woman and we have developed a strong connection. She’s pointed out how present I seem to appear to her and I think the opportunity to practice with you helped me greatly!

– Amazing and beautiful, both the cuddling and your presence. I feel better today than I have in many, many months. Thank you SO much!

– Stunning. I walked right into it. You changed everything. New everything. You are the bomb. You have got it down. Well done.

– The love you have unconditionally shown me is a good thing, a very good thing.

– Being enjoyed and appreciated by you feels so good and meaningful to me. I experienced our time as rich, deepening, sincere, heartful, fun, and delicious.

Session information from Clarissa

I have a cozy, inviting space for cuddling and connecting. I also offer out-calls, and I enjoy supporting clients (every body and gender) create a warm space that they can continue to marinate in after I leave. For outcalls that are more than 10 miles outside the 95062 zip code, I charge a travel fee. For our first session, I accept advance payment via PayPal or Venmo.

I like to connect via phone first, so we can start a rapport. To start your session, we’ll review the basics to create a safe container. As I guide and support you in discovering and speaking your boundaries and wants, you’ll find yourself relaxing without even trying. You will breathe, rest, and feel fully accepted through the simplicity of loving touch and presence.

You will be amazed before you are halfway through.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

mindfulness and meditation compassionate communication Tantra addiction internal family systems


I offer sessions days, evenings, and weekends. Advance scheduling helps me ensure your ideal appointment time.
NOTE: When you request a session, please check your spam folder for an email from me. Thank you.

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