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Professional Cuddlist, Jen I, Boulder CO
Trained Cuddlist
Denver Metro Area
I can’t wait to meet you, hold you, and love you, from the moment I meet you!
Professional Cuddlist, Melanie, Chicago IL
Certified Cuddlist
Chicago, IL
I look forward to creating a safe space for you to remember what it feels like to be gently held and unconditionally loved.
Professional Cuddlist, Vicki P, Woodridge IL
Trained Cuddlist
Woodridge, IL
My goal for each session is to give you a safe space where you can feel relaxed, comforted, and supported. I value mutual respect and connection between us above all else; through this, we can create an avenue where you can ask for your needs and wants without fear, shame, or judgment.
Professional Cuddlist, Karen, Clinton NJ
Certified Cuddlist
Hunterdon County, NJ / Tri-State Area including Pennsylvania
(She/Her) Hello and welcome! I'm excited to be part of what I truly believe will be something special ... a movement towards restoring and nurturing the acceptance of platonic therapeutic touch...
Professional Cuddlist, Tammi S, Baytown TX
Trained Cuddlist
Baytown, TX
Tammi has spent her life in service of others. She has honed her skills combining education with life skills and a genuine love of people.
Professional Cuddlist Amanda D, Chula Vista CA
Trained Cuddlist
Chula Vista, CA
We are all a work in progress and just need someone to listen in a safe, non judgmental container.
Certified Cuddlist
With over a decade of professional experience in the cuddle movement, I bring a warm grounded presence, a kind caring heart, a friendly sense of humour and a natural healing touch. Together we'll craft custom-made snuggle sessions that move at your pace, meet your needs, and feel great!
Trained Cuddlist
Los Lunas, NM/Santa Fe, NM/Albuquerque,NM/ San Antonio. TX
Jennifer's Objective is to provide a real human connection filled with acceptance and understanding, along with the benefit of another human to practice with.
Professional Cuddlist, Becky, Santa Barbara CA
Certified Cuddlist
Solvang, CA, Santa Ynez, CA, Buellton, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, San Luis Obispo, CA, Pismo Beach, CA, Santa Maria, CA, Lompoc, CA
“To touch can be to give life.” ~Michelangelo
Professional Cuddlist, Gregg P, Orlando FL
Trained Cuddlist
Orlando, FL
Before becoming a Cuddlist myself, I’ve hired Cuddlists more than a dozen times in the last 6 years when I needed comfort (often after breakups).
Professional Cuddlist, Christina
Certified Cuddlist
Los Angeles, CA
Featured on NBC, MTV, Snapchat's Brother, Refinery29, Telemundo; South Writ Large Journal - It is my personal philosophy that touch is vital to our daily well-being and healthy, positive functioning. Your nervous system functions better with consistent physical connection.
Professional Cuddlist, Anna Huband, Perth Western Australia
Trained Cuddlist
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
I really appreciate the power of platonic cuddling and touch to help with ‘skin hunger’ and help me feel happy, relaxed, loved and deeply connected. I would love to share this feeling with you, and hopefully make a difference in your life.
Katrina J, Professional Cuddlist, Milwaukee WI
Trained Cuddlist
Milwaukee/West Allis, WI
Cuddling brings together many of my passions, and I can't wait to share that joy with you.
Certified Cuddlist
New York, NY
I’m a firm believer in the healing power of touch. We all need human contact, nurturing and compassion.
Trained Cuddlist
Pflugerville, Texas
I will be giving you my time & attention, breaking down the walls of preconceived self-image that can constrict your from reaching higher ground.
Trained Cuddlist
DMV (DC, Maryland, & Virginia)
I specialize in creating safe, nurturing environments where you can let go of the rest, build a nest, and experience the healing embrace of touch. With a background in holistic healing and a passion for personal growth, I understand the profound impact that genuine connection can have on our well-being.
Professional Cuddlist, Christine, New York NY
Certified Cuddlist
New York, NY
I believe touch is a vital part of the human experience—one that can catalyze growth, healing, and transformation. Closeness and connection can help us foster self-awareness, relieve social anxieties, gain new insights and energy, and lead more joy-filled lives.
Professional Cuddlist, Amy B, Minneapolis MN
Trained Cuddlist
Minneapolis, MN
I focus on creating a calming, nurturing space where you can be who you are with no judgement.
Professional Cuddlist, David M, San Francisco CA
Trained Cuddlist
Fremont, CA, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Pleasanton, Palo Alto , Virtual
I found that we as a society have lacked touch and yet touch is a need for us to keep harmony within our bodies physiologically. Cuddlist has helped me discover more about me and others. Safety and being in-tune to boundaries is instrumental for me to be comfortable in a session.
Professional Cuddlist ReNesha, Philadelphia PA
Trained Cuddlist
Philadelphia, PA
My goal is to embrace one person at a time, change the tone of the world through beautiful - platonic touch & warm embrace.
Certified Cuddlist
Woburn, MA
Everyone is the lead protagonist of their own movie. If you've hit a snag in your plotline, I can be a minor character to help you.
Certified Cuddlist
Denver, CO
(They/Them) I am an aspiring social worker (currently earning my Master's) focused on helping people overcome and recover from trauma. I am very interested in human closeness and making sure you know you are not alone.
Emily, professional cuddlist, Fort Collins CO
Trained Cuddlist
Fort Collins, CO
I'm a very intuitive, empathetic, understanding and nonjudgmental. I love using touch to help others and am always willing to practice my listening skills.
Trained Cuddlist
Columbus, OH
When we are in our cuddle bubble, it is a safe space to talk, cry, laugh and be creative. This is your experience, your time to experience and explore.
Professional Cuddlist, Gabrielle, New York NY
Trained Cuddlist
NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, Nassau County, Suffolk County
I think it’s so beautiful that as your Professional Cuddler, I get to join you in experiencing authentic human contact and companionship as a force for wellness and development.
Professional Cuddlist, Sarah Belle, Seattle WA
Certified Cuddlist
Seattle WA > Los Angeles CA > Melbourne, Australia | See below for schedule
NOW OFFERING VIRTUAL SESSIONS WORLDWIDE $60 for a 30 minute session. I am a nurturing compassionate person, who brings warm gentle vibrations into your experience. Why do I love cuddling so much? I get to express the part of me that is nurturing, creates authentic connection, and expresses pure loving presence. I work best seekers, dreamers, and creatives. I am open to trusting myself and my desires are you?
Mekaela Carter, trained Cuddlist
Trained Cuddlist
Columbus, OH, Cincinnati OH, Indianapolis, IN, Dayton, OH
I have been told over and over again that I have a very calming presence, and that I have a way about me that puts others at ease.
Professional Cuddlist, Tamreh
Certified Cuddlist
Northampton, MA
Conscious touch and attention is a powerful form of healing that I look forward to bringing to our time together.
Professional Cuddlist, Indigo Dawn, College Park MD
Certified Cuddlist
College Park, MD
I'm a cuddly truth-seeker and Somatic Therapeutic Coach who LOVES holding space for others to rejuvenate, heal, or transform with cuddle sessions, touch therapy, and therapeutic coaching. I bring a BIG toolbox to every session-- our time can include nurturing and nourishing touch; empathic listening and emotional intimacy; experiences to heal past wounds and painful patterns; relationship and intimacy coaching; consent and boundaries training; or other exercises to build deeper life fulfillment.
Professional Cuddlist, Chinello, Wormerveer Noord Holland
Certified Cuddlist
Wormerveer, Noord Holland, 1521
I work with my head, heart and hands. In a world where one could be anything, I choose to be someone who hopefully brings a sense of companionship and affection to my fellow humans.
Professional Cuddlist, Anna Joy, Seattle WA
Certified Cuddlist
Seattle, WA/Virtual
Connection is our birthright. Touch is medicine. Making space to "drop in" to both is magic.
Professional Cuddlist, Jasmine, Williamsburg VA
Certified Cuddlist
Office in Bethesda, MD & Williamsburg, VA • NYC
Touching and holding releases chemicals like oxytocin in the brain that create a sense of well-being, bonding and trust. It can also release endorphin, which is the chemical released after a good workout or when you eat chocolate, which contributes to that great feeling.
Professional Cuddlist, MX Smith, Bristol RI
Trained Cuddlist
Bristol, Rhode Island
Consent culture is my passion, I speak this language and would love to teach it to you. I believe in respecting every person’s autonomy and boundaries.
Certified Cuddlist
Chicago, IL > Los Angeles, CA > Indianapolis, IN
(She/They) Cuddling is a meaningful way to feel connected, respected, loved, and valued. I would love to share that experience with you!
Professional Cuddlist, Sundria, Fairfield CA
Certified Cuddlist
Fairfield, CA (Nor-Cal)
I am Sundria! I am a breath of fresh air! I am positive energy overflowing with the love of God!
Professional Cuddlist, Grace, Orange CA
Certified Cuddlist
Orange, CA
Need a hug? A listening ear? A safe space? I'm here for you.
Trained Cuddlist
Let's connect, heal, and feel into the magic that is cuddling together.
Professional Cuddlist, Ian W, Seattle WA
Trained Cuddlist
Seattle, WA
Cuddling can be a portal to connection, self-discovery, and even self-healing. I'm so glad you're here, and I would be honored to accompany you in a step on your journey.
Professional Cuddlist, Cheri, Portland OR
Certified Cuddlist
Portland, OR
Could you use an attentive ear, sturdy shoulder, calming presence, and/or a loving hug? Look no further - IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL SESSIONS are now available!
Professional Cuddlist Crystal C, Pittsburgh PA
Certified Cuddlist
Pittsburgh, PA
I coach consent, connection, boundaries, and self care for singles, couples, groups, and events. I offer a safe space and an open heart to be present for your healing.
Professional Cuddlist, Nellie, Cummington MA
Certified Cuddlist
Cummington, MA
Connection is vital for all of us.
Professional Cuddlist, Mare, Los Angeles CA
Certified Cuddlist
| Los Angeles,CA | San Gabriel Valley, CA , Temple City, CA, Pasadena, CA, VIRTUAL
Confidante. Trauma informed. Active Listener. I believe in touch! And human kindness. Listening to you and being there for you with unconditional love. Meet me at my serene cuddle hideaway.
Professional Cuddlist Bella Om, Asbury Park NJ
Certified Cuddlist
Red Bank and Asbury Park, New Jersey to NYC
Bella is very grateful for offering Cuddlist sessions respectfully as it is a proven path of wellness in body, mind, intellect and emotions. With immense gratitude, Bella acknowledges transformations from the Hugging Saint Amma that are awesome, empowering and blissful always.
Trained Cuddlist
Oakbrook, IL
I am a person who enjoys sharing time and energy in the most positive and uplifting way. I believe that love is truly medicine which soothes and heals many things.
Professional Cuddlist, Candy Marie, Atlanta GA
Trained Cuddlist
Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia
Candy Marie is a holistic wellness practitioner who believes that human touch and intentional energetic exchange can foster genuine human connection in a way unlike any other.
Trained Cuddlist
Clearwater, FL
I would love for you to experience the deep fulfillment and healing that comes from having the most important human need (connection) met through my caring touch and loving presence. ⭐️NEW CLIENTS OFFER⭐️ 15% off your first hour and a half-hour of free cuddle time added onto your second session!
Certified Cuddlist
Aurora, IL
Think of me as your Emotional Support Human! Soft pillows, fuzzy blankies, soothing music, relaxing scents, and the comforting warmth of another caring person -- these are some things that you can expect from your cuddle session with me.
Professional Cuddlist, Gisele, Denver CO
Trained Cuddlist
Brooklyn, NY
My approach to my clients is friendly and casual yet professional.

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