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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $150/hour

New York, NY

About Ella

I’m a firm believer in the healing power of touch. We all need human contact, nurturing and compassion. Being a native Brazilian, I’ve grown up in a culture where people are naturally affectionate and close to one another. I’m a great listener, intuitive, fully present and attentive to others’ needs. I’ve always had the ability to put people at ease, by providing a safe environment where they can open up without the fear of judgement. I’m often told that I have a warm and comforting presence, am insightful, nurturing, and have great empathy for others. I’m a visual artist and educator, with a longstanding interest in holistic medicine and energy healing.

Session information from Ella

I’ve been a professional cuddlist for 6 years and have enjoyed working with hundreds of clients from very diverse backgrounds. I conduct my sessions on a large and comfortable sofa, or a queen sized bed, depending on your preference. I play music if the client desires, and welcome suggestions. Soft fabrics, oil diffusers and colorful lamps add to the intimate and calming environment of my beautiful (always clean) home. We begin by openly communicating our expectations, boundaries and practicing consent. The session will progress organically as the client is able to identify and voice their individual needs. Cuddling can be comforting, insightful, and a catalyst for personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. My lovely apartment is conveniently located steps away from the subway, and parking garages are available close by. I charge $150 per hour for in-person sessions (less for longer sessions) and accept outcalls for 3+ hour sessions depending on location.  My practice is all-inclusive: I welcome men and women from various ethnic backgrounds, and welcome members of the LGBTQ community.

Clients’ Testimonials:

“I felt supported during our sessions. A caring ear to listen to me during my time of stress”

“I felt emotionally better during and after our sessions. Sometimes, I forget what was troubling me. In general, the whole experience, I felt better psychologically. The act of platonic touch did much in helping me cope with my psychological state. “

“My restlessness reduced considerably. I’m more calm and composed. My ability to remain in the state of positivity improved multifold. Through our sessions, I realized that I’m lovable and I can give and receive love.”

“I felt much more present after that day, a warm feeling”

“I’m calm and composed after a very very long time. The awareness that you brought to my life is not something I can express in words.”

“I felt that I went back in time. I felt completely suspended from New York City. It was just me and Ella’s cuddling and everything melted away.”

“When with Ella I feel a pure energy going through my body and leaving my fingers as we caress and touch one another. Ordinary touch feels extraordinary. Like any powerful human exchange, no two sessions are alike. Sometimes I feel calm after a session. Other times I feel deeply reflective and come to a new understanding about myself.”

“You are assertive and respectful, a quality that I want to acquire. I’m more mindful than I was a month ago, thanks to you.”

“WOW! It was an incredible session! This was my best experience ever! You are an amazing person with infinite source of positive energy, fantastic attitude and connection. Your touch was mesmerizing and full of love which I like the most. I had a wonderful day afterward. I felt energetic and rejuvenated. You did make me feel utterly comfortable in first five minutes and only a few people ever had that impact on me! I am thankful to you for giving me an experience of a lifetime!”

“You made me feel safe and loved. It is such a wonderful feeling. You have changed something in me, I am not sure what yet, although I do feel a little lighter. There is something very special about you, your kindness, your warmth, your safety… I normally don’t get close to people, I have a hard time trusting, but with you, not only I felt safe right away, I also connected on different levels and I think it helped switch something in me.”

Skills & Specialties

personal experience with a wide range of holistic medicine and spiritual healing practices


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