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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100 + Travel Fee

San Francisco, CA | London, UK

About Elle

Hi, I’m Elle and I’m a bodyworker and coach specializing in the art of intimacy, embodiment, and healing touch. I work with different modalities, and find platonic cuddles to be a very nurturing way to connect to ourselves and to others and to expand our sense of well-being.

I’ve always been tactile and loved hugging. My brother says I’m a “Master Hugger.” And yet, many times in life we don’t get to be held and feel the nurturing warmth and connection that comes from the physical proximity of another.

Over the past 20+ years, I have lived and worked in 8 countries and visited many others, and have seen firsthand how human connection differs when people get to be closer to each other physically. I bring that learning into my practice, with the intention to nurture and provide learning, playfulness and healing.

What else? I’m a qualified Personal Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Timeline Therapist. I have trained in Massage, Energetic Healing, and Yoga; I also hold a BS and MBA and work in high-tech/IT to help get the bills paid.

Session information from Elle

Our sessions together are a co-creation. We start by talking about what you’d like from the cuddling session and we agree to speak up if anything ever feels uncomfortable to either of us.

We remind ourselves of the Cuddlist Code of Conduct and we check-in with each other about what’s ok and what’s not — such as any parts of our body that we don’t want being touched, and parts of the body we very much like to be touched, etc. Remember: cuddling sessions are strictly platonic.

The cuddling session is for you and I will softly and gently encourage you to ask for what you want. We can talk or we can be silent. We can stroke one another, or hold hands, or just be physically close without touch. We can spoon, or snuggle in each other’s lap. We can hug, eye gaze, breath together, maybe even dance…


Skills & Specialties

Certified Coach NLP Practitioner Timeline Therapy Massage Energetic Healing Embodiment


I'm currently available for out-calls in London and will be back in San Francisco in early August.