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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80 USD/hour

San Diego, CA / VIRTUAL

About Emma

VIRTUAL SESSIONS NOW BEING OFFERED. In this strange and isolating period, I know that staying connected and supported is exactly the medicine we all need right now! I’m happy to provide that space to connect either by phone or video for 50$/hr.

“You have given me a whole new level of positivity and love in my heart. I have never felt so safe, myself, connected, in the moment, at peace and whole. For this to come in a 100% pure platonic situation is amazing. Everything is amazing. I greatly appreciate your spirit, touch and time you shared with me. The benefits are so precious to me and will keep me feeling wonderful about myself and the world for a long time to come. A billion thanks again!”

Come with an open heart and mind as we dive deep into platonic touch. Explore a place of play, protection and safety as we discover and unfold what feels good to you. Leave feeling uplifted, calm and ready to walk through this life with love.

My journey into offering therapeutic touch begins with a deep craving to connect and create intimacy without expectations; to fully let go and relax into my body, accept and allow me to be as I am. I provide a space for exactly that- to feel completely free and open in my presence. I am genuinely interested in your well being and in you as a person; I love discovering the beautiful magic in you! Growing up with a twin sister defined playful parameters of intimacy that I’m passionate about sharing. Positive energy is contagious! I respond to touch in a way that is immediately healing, grounding and uplifting and I hope to gift that same energy.

I fuel up from creativity in all aspects of life and therefore feel called to sharing and creating a space where one can feel free to be present in themselves and attentive to their needs. I hope to create a space where you can explore and play, laugh or cry or lay gently and quietly knowing you are always safe and protected, able to ask for the healing touch (or snuggle) that is desired.

I gladly serve people of all age, gender and orientation with an open heart.

Let’s get cuddly!

Session information from Emma

Response time: Within 24 hours

Details are emailed within 24 hours of reaching out.

Please allow for a minimum of 48 hours notice before desired day of booking.

We will dedicate a few moments at the start of the session to settle into our experience, set an intention if desired and create a safe container where we can drop in more fully into the experience of each others touch and presence.

I please ask that no heavy perfumes or colognes are worn.


Skills & Specialties

Interpersonal communication amateur energy work yoga/partner yoga Contact Improv Architect Designer Massage Empathy


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