That can look entirely different for each session. People are unique and have their own preferences. Some like to talk, some don’t. Some like a lot of physical contact, some like a little. Sometimes we feel lively and playful, sometimes we feel quiet and introspective. There are a gazillion right ways to cuddle! As long as you are following the code of conduct and respecting your Cuddlist practitioner’s boundaries, you are doing it right. Half of the fun is in discovering what is right for YOU. We hope you will leave feeling more relaxed, better about yourself and more confident about communicating your own needs while respecting the needs of others. Have fun!

Anyone is welcome to become a client who is the legal age of consent and is willing and able to abide by the code of conduct.

Each practitioner will have their own way of handling this. Ask them for details so that it is clear up front. The important thing is that no one is ever obligated to cuddle anyone in any way they don’t want to, and that there is a professional respect for time and money.

Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share client information or identity with anyone other than practitioners. Confidentiality is part of our code of conduct for all practitioners.

All clients must agree to our terms of agreement and code of conduct. Your practitioner will let you know if they have other agreements in addition to these.

Payment is handled directly with your practitioner through clear arrangements made with them prior to your session.

Each practitioner profile has information on if they are willing to go to your residence (outcall) or you go to theirs (incall). If a practitioner can only do outcall, and you are unable to have them at your residence, consider a hotel/motel room, or cuddle at a public place such as a movie theater, park or restaurant booth. We’d like to see more public displays of cuddling in our world :).

Please wear something that you are comfortable in. Pajama pants and sweats are popular cuddle wear. A minimum of shorts and a tank top is required for both practitioner and client.

Compassionate listening can be a wonderful part of a cuddle session. Cuddling can also be a wonderful place to not have to talk and to enjoy comfortable silence with another. How much you talk and what you talk about is entirely up to the two of you.
Your practitioner is not a counselor or coach, and even if they are in other parts of their life, that is not part of a cuddle session. They will be happy to listen and be honest with you about how much is too much for them in terms of what you share. Everything is confidential unless you share any information of an illegal nature or the intention to do harm.

Cuddling takes many forms. Be creative! As long as you are abiding by the code of conduct it is allowed. Sometimes it looks like massages, playing games, dancing, singing, having a meal, reading aloud to one another, eye gazing, etc.

Our practitioners complete our in-person or online orientation training course with ongoing mentorship and support as they continue to grow into their practice. If possible, they are expected to attend at least one Cuddle Party workshop, and are encouraged to continue to improve their self awareness and communication skills. We are not able to make any promises or guarantees about the quality of your cuddle experience.

Be respectful and considerate. Please report and practitioners with inappropriate personal hygiene directly to us and we will address the matter with them.

If you become uncomfortable in any way at any time, please say so. Stop whatever is causing discomfort and adjust accordingly. Please do not wait until your discomfort is large, do this at the first hint of it. Professional cuddling is consent based and your practitioners WANT you to speak up! This is the perfect place to practice using your voice. This is your session and none of it needs to feel any less than good! If you would like to end your session early for any reason simply let your practitioner know.

Tipping is entirely up to you. It is always appreciated and never expected.

Arousal is a healthy human response to all kinds of things including touch. It is not a problem in a non-sexual session. The important thing is that neither client or practitioner respond to it in a manner intended to increase arousal. It can be acknowledged or not and simply allowed to come and go without taking focus.