Professional Cuddlist, Jen I, Boulder CO
Professional Cuddlist, Jen I, Boulder CO
Professional Cuddlist, Jen I, Boulder CO
Professional Cuddlist, Jen I, Boulder CO
Professional Cuddlist, Jen I, Boulder CO
Professional Cuddlist, Jen I, Boulder CO

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Jen I.

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $120/hr (2 hour minimum) + travel fee of $.65/mi outside of a 20 mile radius from 80227

Denver Metro Area

About Jen I


Seeing clients in the Denver metro area.

Hi! I’m Jen of Cuddle Jen. May I cuddle you? What’s your favorite cuddle position? I’m so glad you’re here, with me, on my page that I am writing just for *you*!

I want for you to feel as though I love you from the moment I meet you, that you can share your deepest darkest secrets with while we shine a loving and caring light into the darkness together, and to feel comforted, validated, and held in a cozy cocoon of safety and deep understanding.

Take a peek at my pictures and envision a safe, validating, cozy, and fun cuddle session with me in some of my favorite places: in a bed, on a train, in a car, next to the campfire, at a group cuddle party, at the movies, at a drive-in, in the park, at a hotel, near the pool, in the ski lodge, at the baseball field, on a mountain top watching the sun set… Cuddling with clients in fun and adventurous environments is something I take great pride in!

Doing Cuddlist work has offered me a space to practice my own personal “boundaries of steel” and recognize the truth behind the brilliant Brene Brown’s adage of “The most boundaried people are the most loving. They’re not fake walls, they’re not separation, they’re not division, they’re respect. Here’s what’s ok for me and here’s what’s not.” Being given the opportunity in this space as a Cuddlist gives me a safe space to change the world, one boundary, one cuddle at a time. I can’t wait to meet you, hold you, and love you, from the moment I meet you!

Session information from Jen I

Once you submit a request, I’ll send you a text to schedule a free 15 minute introductory Zoom call. When we join together for our session, I’ll ask if you’d like a hug right off the bat. You’ll feel the love pouring out of me while I hug you and while we get acquainted. The first 15-30 minutes will be all logistics and agreements, i.e. payment, where the restrooms are, where I can set my belongings, waters or snacks available, and our opening agreement.

I begin and end all of my sessions the same way: seated hugs for no less than 5 deep breaths! Breathing helps ground both of us, into the session and out of it back into reality. We’ll cuddle, chat, cry, and hold each other for the next few hours. With 10 minutes left, we’ll start our seated hug, I’ll ask for points of reflection, and remind you to take care of yourself, while I change back into my street clothes. We’ll have a chance to schedule our follow-up session and then, I’ll check in with you over the course of a couple of days to make sure you’re adjusting well.

Business Notes:

I’m allergic to cats.
$120/hr with a 2hr minimum
Travel fee of $.65/mi applies outside of the 20 mile radius from 80227
I do outcalls, wherever we mutually agree, AND in-calls at my office inside Symmetry Collective in Wheat Ridge and True Self Sanctuary in Arvada, CO.
I accept PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Cash app, cash, and checks.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

sexual trauma touch trauma C-PTSD inner child work light touch therapeutic touch


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