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Jon Lehrer

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

About Jon Lehrer

My name is Jon and I bring over a decade of experience in the cuddle movement. I have a warm grounded presence, a kind caring heart, a friendly sense of humour and a natural healing touch. My physical frame is broad and bearish and my hands are usually quite warm. In addition to my work as a cuddler, I am a researcher and professional musician. I am also passionate about gender and embodiment work. Though I don’t get to do it often, I really like flying hanggliders!

My practice focuses on the therapeutic and transformational benefits of cuddlist-facilitated, client-centered cuddling. Whether you’re wanting to satiate skin-hunger, find comfort and closeness, relax and destress, rediscover your voice and agency, or strengthen your boundary and communication skills for better relationships, I can help. The great thing about professional cuddling is that we can do many of those things at the same time!

I see clients with a variety of ages, genders, abilities, and cuddle-comfort-levels. I find it particularly rewarding to help clients who want to heal or grow from negative past experiences with touch or consent. Together we will craft custom-made snuggle sessions that move at your pace, meet your needs, and feel great!

I look forward to meeting you and to creating a safe, warm, non-judgemental and empowered space for us to connect.

Jon was even more deliciously cuddleable than I expected, and I had high expectations! -Shirley, structural alignment bodyworker.

Session information from Jon Lehrer

Once you reach out to me, I will schedule a brief phone call with you to learn more about your needs, answer questions, confirm our Code of Conduct, make sure we are a good fit, and discuss any logistics.

Sessions may take place at my home or at a suitable location of your choosing. If at another location, there will be an outcall fee based on time and expense of travel. I will determine this fee based on your location and inform you prior to booking the first session.

When you arrive, I will orient you to my home and cuddle space, offer you a glass of water, and ask if you have a music preference. You can wear comfy clothes or change when you get here. Please wear a minimum of t-shirt and shorts, and please arrive having bathed/showered within the last 12 hours. I promise to be just as prepared!

During our first session, we will start by taking some time to connect and build the agreements that we both need to feel safe and comfortable, and to make sure that our time together is tailored to best meet your needs and interests. We can then transition into cuddling at your readiness.

Recording Policy:

Clients should be aware that all sessions are video recorded without sound. A recording policy protects both cuddlist and cuddlee by documenting the legality and industry compliance of session activities and can serve as evidence in the very unlikely case of harm enacted by either party. Videos are locally stored and deleted after 30 days, unless otherwise requested by the client or by law enforcement.

You have a right to your footage. You may request a copy of the recording of your session and it will be shared promptly without fee or any questions asked. Requests must be made within the 30 day period following a session to ensure that the footage is available. In my four years of practice no recording has ever been viewed by a third party, or by myself other than to verify the correct functioning of the recording equipment. I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have about this policy.


I currently accept cash, cheque, and e-transfer only.
Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice or 50% fee

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Cuddle Party Facilitation Massage


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