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Michelle Renee

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls | Discounted prepaid packages are available for returning clients

San Diego, CA (Rancho Bernardo)

About Michelle

(Pronouns: She/Her)

Cuddlist Certified Practitioner since December, 2015, with over 210 session hours.

For a quicker response text MICHELLE to 33777.
To Learn more about Michelle, visit CuddleSanDiego.com

As a mother, daughter and former-wife who has managed through major hurdles in my life, I know what it’s like to feel tired and lost.  It’s hard to know who to be vulnerable with.  It’s hard to feel safe.  We’ve spent so much time in our fight or flight.

As a neuroscience geek, I understand the benefits of secure attachment; inviting your nervous system to sink up with mine, essentially rewiring it to spend more time in the calm zone where we can think AND feel at the same time; and the healing that can come from safe relationships.

In our sessions, you’ll feel unconditional acceptance.  You’ll feel loved and cared for.  You’ll feel seen and heard.  I’m here to support you.

I specialize in working with clients with addiction, PTSD, depression and anxiety.  Some of these sessions never even include touch.  We will move at your pace.

Some of my favorite books lately are Body Keeps the Score, Hold Me Tight, The Gift of Imperfection and Wired for Love.

If you are hesitant or want to meet me before inquiring about a session, I offer regularly scheduled “meet and greet” events around San Diego.  You can follow me on social media for the next date.  I’d love to meet you!

I’m a relationship geek and very friendly to alternative lifestyles.  Your weird isn’t weird to me.

My clients are dedicated to growth and schedule weekly sessions.  By sharing safe space consistently, your nervous system can start to rewire for safety and security.  In that session safety, the world starts to feel safer too.

Thank you for being brave and asking for the connection you want.~Michelle Renee


Session information from Michelle

After you request a session, please watch for an email or text.  I’ll be sending a link to schedule a quick call so we can meet each other.

I happily offer same-day sessions to established clients.

I do in-calls (you come to my location) in the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego. I also offer outcalls.  Outcalls require a short video call before booking. Ask about travel fees.

My location requires the use of stairs. Two cats and a small dog do reside at my location.  This is important to know if allergies are an issue. 

**If you have a physical disability, and live within a 30 minute radius, please indicate that in your request form. I will waive all travel fees because my space is not accessible.

Skills & Specialties

Trauma Informed Consent/Communication/Boundary Coach Completed Cuddlist Advanced Training Completed Deep Listening Course Completed Mental Health First Aid Completed The Institute for Mind Body Therapy's "Working in the Expanded Triadic Model: Online Training for Touch Pros" program Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator Relationship Geek


Preferred hours are M-F 10 am - 6 pm. Sat and Sun 8am-noon. Evening hours are also available.