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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $90/hour

Lawrence, KS

About Robin

Covid-19 Protocol:  During sessions both client and myself will be required to wear a face mask. I will provide a KN95 to clients and I’ll be wearing one as well. We will both wash our hands right before the session begins. I am fully vaccinated, but do not require my clients to disclose their vaccination status to me. Please feel free to discuss with me any questions you have regarding this protocol.

So many people today are feeling touch deprived, isolated, and lonely. Sometimes you just want someone to spend time with who can focus on your needs. When you’re needing comforting touch due to stress, work, relationships, or health issues – therapeutic touch/cuddling can really help. Or you may find yourself at a time in your life where you just don’t have access to healthy platonic touch. In sessions I provide meaningful touch, connection, and a non-judgmental presence. Sessions are tailored to your particular needs and can include things like watching Netflix together, chatting, or sharing silent hugs.

Before becoming a Cuddlist, I completed a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and taught for several years as a professor in Ethics and Cultural Diversity. When I’m not getting cozy with pillows and blankets, I enjoy music, cuddling with my cats, and science fiction. I’m thrilled to be working with Cuddlist.com due to its high standards of training and continuing education, which allow me to provide a positive, life-enhancing experience for my clients.

I offer customized sessions for your particular touch needs. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personalized plan for you.

To request a session with Robin, select the Request a Session button on this page. Within 24 hours I’ll contact you to have a free 15 minute chat to set up a session.

More About Robin:

The most profound and best tool in shaping how I practice has been to do what feels right for me. It’s following my gut feeling and instinct about what is in alignment with my truth. I do this by checking in with my body, my heart, and my thoughts. When I do this, I make decisions from a place of authenticity. I’m able to use my experience, training, and true self to work and live from a place of self-love sustained by healthy boundaries. As a Cuddlist, I offer my true self to my clients. This is why it is so vital that I am clear about what I am a YES to and what I am NO to (healthy boundaries). When I work with you, I offer you my most authentic self, and in the process, you also become more in touch with your most authentic self. This is the beauty, appreciation, and respect that I offer through Professional Cuddling.

Session information from Robin

What is therapeutic cuddling?

Cuddling sessions are a place where your needs for platonic touch and emotional support are focused on. During our session, we can talk or be silent, explore cuddling styles or remain in one cuddle the whole time–so ask for what you’d like! We can also cuddle while reading, movie watching, eye-gazing, or meditation.
What happens during a session?
We begin by creating an agreement to honor each other’s boundaries while we explore our own personal preferences. Mutual consent and respect create a safe space, trust, and comfort together. We both agree that if anything feels uncomfortable at any time or for any reason, that we will speak up or ask for a change in some way.
How do I schedule a session with you?
When you submit a Request for a Session through my page Cuddlist.com/robin, please provide a phone number so that we can chat, in order to say hello and discuss any questions you may have before our first session. I will respond to your session request within 24 hours. I typically need 24-48 hours to schedule a session, depending upon my availability.
“I had a wonderful cuddling experience with Robin and highly recommend this service. Robin is professional, easy to talk with and has an amazing calm about her. She explained the cuddling process, answered all my questions and made me feel very at ease. The experience was incredibly soothing. Robin is very nurturing in her technique and very thorough in asking my likes, dislikes and comfort level. It was an amazing hour that left me feeling relaxed, renewed and connected to life.” ~ J.I.
“I highly recommend Robin for her warm, yet professional demeanor in all aspects of our interaction including setting clear guidelines and boundaries, a perfectly relaxed setting, and of course wonderful cuddles! I left relaxed and grounded. I appreciated that it was very professional, and yet very warm and connected as well. Thanks Robin!” ~ B.L.
“I had a cuddle session with Robin recently. It was lovely. I felt a natural high afterwards; raised my oxytocin level for sure. Robin is super warm and friendly, and has great energy that put me at ease right away. If you need a good cuddle or are craving touch, I highly recommend Robin.” ~ M.M.
“I felt so relaxed during our session. It was so nice to not have to worry about things going anywhere, we could just enjoy platonic cuddling. I felt a lift in my mood for several days after as well.” ~ R.U.
“You have a natural ability at this.” ~ S.B.
“Robin is the ultimate cuddler. I had a very healing experience with this woman.” ~ G.S.

Skills & Specialties

Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology Marriage and Family Therapy
Deep Listening Training


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