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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hr incall, $120/hr outcall. Outcall sessions must be at least as long as it takes for rountrip travel from my cuddle studio. Bulk prepay discounts and overnight pricing available upon request.

Medford, MA (near Tufts University)

About Sam

As a professional cuddler, I want people to feel like they’re not alone on their journey.

I was previously a construction project engineer; now I’m a full-time entrepreneur as a professional cuddler and a cuddle coach with an ambition to change lives. My mission in life is to make sure no one feels alone on their journey, and I do that through professional therapeutic cuddling.

I’ve been told I help raise people’s energy levels for sessions when they’re depressed and calm their anxiety if they’re worried. I make great conversation with virtually anyone, but especially for engineers, financial career types, other STEM field careers, authors, and other creative types. I enjoy ballroom dancing, writing, watching anime, and playing board games.

I’m particularly sensitive to people that use professional cuddling to supplement their mental health. I’ve worked with people that have/are: ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, PTSD, asexual, acute trauma due to a loss, chronic diseases, and antisocial disorder. If you have any of these, please contact me with your situation so I can better understand and craft a session that will best help you.

Session information from Sam


You can expect the following from me:

1. I will be tested for COVID-19 roughly every 3 weeks and will cancel and not see anyone for sessions until I have an answer on my results.
2. I will provide a clean surgical mask for you for each session
3. I will sanitize all surfaces you would touch in my room before and after sessions
4. I will change bedsheets and pillows for each session
5. Until further notice, I will only accept one session a day maximum in my home.
6. I will rinse my mouth prior to our session twice, once with mouthwash and once with hydrogen peroxide
7. I will wear my clean surgical mask when closer than six feet from you and at all times when indoors, especially while in the cuddle room.
8. I will not give refunds to no-shows (no notice of cancellation prior to the start of the session).
9. Other than no-shows, I will temporarily waive my cancellation fee until further notice.
10. I will wear my glasses during our sessions.
11. I will maintain your confidentiality for everyone EXCEPT as it relates to contact tracing efforts (this is per Massachusetts law)

I expect the following from you:

1. You will electronically sign a risk waiver (to be sent via email and signed prior to sessions)
2. You have accurately described how you have mitigated your exposure risk over the past two weeks.
3. You will wear the provided surgical mask given to you at each session properly– over the bridge of your nose and over your chin.
4. You will wash hands prior to each session and/or use provided hand sanitizer
5. You will wear your mask when closer than six feet from me and at all times indoors including while inside the cuddle room.
6. You will agree to a noninvasive temperature check upon arrival administered by me.
7. You will either make your session payment in full within 24 hours of a session or you will have a credit card on file in my electronic systems (I do not have access to your credit card information and am not authorized to use it for purposes other than charging for sessions with your permission).

The above are non-negotiable and if these are not things you’re okay with right now I suggest you wait until we have an effective treatment. Many of these are mandated by the state’s guidelines for personal care services, the regulation that professional cuddling falls under. Breaking any of these during a session, especially mask wearing, will result in an immediate end to the session.

The following are optional measures but appreciated if you choose to do them:

1. You may rinse your mouth prior to our session twice, once with mouthwash and once with hydrogen peroxide.
2. You may get tested and verify that you are not currently infected with COVID-19.
3. You may tip me at ko-fi.com/connectwithsam or with cash. When possible, electronic tipping is appreciated instead.
4. You may wear glasses or gloves for your session if you provide clean, disposable ones for your sessions.
5. We may go for a socially distanced walk at the start of our session while at least 6 feet between us without our masks on briefly so you can see my face and I can see yours 🙂

Thanks for understanding all the measures we need to take at this time. I care about you so, so much.


Other info about sessions with me:

I’ve been doing this work for nearly five years and fulltime for three and a half, so if there’s anything you feel uncomfortable or shy about I’m happy to talk about it so we can both be on the same page. My first and foremost goal is to make sure we both know what we’re getting into so neither of us is disappointed or hurt.

In your first contact with me, you will select a time to do a free 20-minute videochat to go over any questions you may have and what to expect for your first session.  Alternatively, I occasionally offer coffee hours where I sit at a coffee shop and you can sign up for hours to meet me in person for a free half hour (update 7/5: I cannot offer this due to the pandemic). Either way, I like talking to clients on the phone or in person before meeting them.

Sessions are a 1 hour minimum length, but I do recommend a 90-minute session for your first session if you can afford it.

I can go into more detail for you on the phone what to expect for a session, but the essentials are this:

  • Yes to wearing a shirt and bottoms for both of us
  • No to wearing boxer shorts (think pants you’d wear outside)
  • Yes to shoulder massages
  • No touching under clothes
  • Yes to if you get aroused
  • No to escalating a session to turn sexual if you get aroused
  • Yes to touching face (just ask first)
  • No to kissing
  • Yes to touching the stomach
  • No to erogenous zones (genitals, breasts, buttocks)

Skills & Specialties

Coaching Authentic Relating Games Circling Reiki Social Skills Coaching Meditation


Due to the pandemic and my current capacity to sanitize between sessions, I am currently only taking one session in my home a day max until further notice, so do note that I may not have any availability for at least a week or two when you reach out. If you would like me to come to you, we will need to talk about requirements for me to safely come to your home.

Incall is prioritized, outcalls are on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for respecting my time!

Please include 2-3 possible timeslots that would work for you when sending a cuddle request. My typical availability on any given week is currently:

Mondays 12-6pm
Tuesdays 3pm-9pm
Wednesdays 12pm-9pm
Thursdays 12pm-9pm
Fridays 12pm-6pm
NO Saturdays
Sundays 2:30-5pm

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