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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Northampton, MA

About Tina

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my page! I truly believe that platonic touch and cuddling is such an important part of our shared human existence. I want you to feel that mood boosting, confidence increasing high of cuddling and touching. As a very late bloomer in the dating game (I went on my first date when I was 26!) I understand the need for platonic touch and cuddling when you are between, or without, romantic partners. Imagine feeling the warmth, weight, and attention of another person on you, with no expectations for more and no pressure to do anything you aren’t 100% comfortable with.

Be confident that our sessions will be just what you are looking for. I focus on communication, adjusting and readjusting, clear boundaries, and openness. Taking care of one basic need in your life opens the way for you to focus on other important things like dating or improving romantic relationships, building friendships, and self-care. I leave my sessions feeling refreshed, relaxed, and joyful and it is my goal for you to feel the same.

Session information from Tina

To contact me, simply submit a request and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Once we set up a time to meet, I’ll give you the exact address. My cuddle studio is located in the comfortable and quaint downtown Greenfield, MA. When you arrive for your session we will first discuss any boundaries or requests for the session you have. If for any reason you don’t wish to begin your session, we will part ways with thanks and good will. If you are not already in your comfy cuddle clothes, there’s a bathroom in which you can change.
For first time clients, I require a session in my cuddle studio before I will consider doing an outcall. For outcalls travel fees and additional security checks apply.


I am now booking sessions for September 13th and after.
My availability is 10am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. If you are unable to make one of those times, we can discuss the possibility of meeting after hours, and occasionally on weekends.

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