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Session Rate: Rates range from $81.24- $150 per hour depending on length of session and discounts

Huntington Valley, PA, South Brunswick NJ

About Xandria


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About Me 

Hi, I’m Xandria. I have been a cuddle therapist for four years.  I LOVE to cuddle. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with the desire to have a career helping others by improving their relationships and mental health. In 2019 I devoted myself to the practice of cuddle therapy, and I’ve served hundreds of clients since then. Long before I made a career out of it, cuddling has been my happy place since early childhood. Whether it was family, friends, romantic partners, pets, and even stuffed animals, I would cuddle every chance I could get. I feel so fortunate to be able to share my passion with you.

Session information from Xandria


I have two office locations. One in Huntingdon Valley, PA (the Philly suburbs) and another in South Brunswick, NJ. Each office has a comfortable queen-sized bed. I have lights that can be any color you would like, a galaxy ceiling projector, and an aromatherapy machine with a collection of essential oils for you to choose from. I play Spotify over a speaker; I have a tv if you want to watch a movie or tv show as part of your cuddling experience. Each office is one story and has plenty of parking.

Out- Calls: 

I can come to you as well for a session. My starting point is Levittown PA, 19057 and I am willing to drive up to 90 minutes for a session. The session time must equal or exceed the drive time round trip. Ex. The session must be two hours or longer if you live an hour away.

How To Book

You can book through my website: https://www.cuddleworks.net/


Through Cuddlist

  • Please send me a booking request I will let you know if your chosen time works for me or suggest another time.
  • You will receive an automated email with a link to schedule a consultation call.
  • After our video chat, you will make a 50% deposit to confirm our session ( I accept Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, and Square Invoices for deposits)

*Consultation calls are $30 but will be credited towards your first session if you book within thirty days of our call.


Monday-Thursday Special!: Book three or more hours and get $50 off!

Monday-Thursday in-office rate:

  • 2 hours= $300
  • 3 hours= $400
  • 4 hours=$350
  • 5 hours= $500
  • 6 hours= $550
  • 7 hours = $600
  • 8 hours = $ 650

Friday-Saturday and all outcalls:

  • 2 hour= $300
  • 3 hours=$450
  • 4 hours=$ 500
  • 5 hours =$550
  • 6 hours= $600
  • 7 hours= $650
  • 8 hours =$700

Cuddles with the Cookie Wookie Woo!

Cookie is a giant furry potato that loves to cuddle. She has the face of a puppy, corgi’s legs, and a potato’s body. She grunts like a pig when receiving affection and is generally the cutest thing in the world. I can bring her to my South Brunswick office or your home. (Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in the Huntingdon Valley office.) Sessions with Cookie can be 2 or 3 hours, and there will be a $30 fee which will go towards the cost of her and her sister’s care and vet bills.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Snuggle School (https://snuggle-school.teachery.co/snuggleschoolinfo)


My Hours are 12-9 pm seven days a week. I can host or come to you. If you would like for me to come to you please note that the travel time, roundtrip cannot exceed the length of the session. Please contact me and let me know what day and time you would like to have a session and I will let you know if I am available at that particular time.

* I do not fly or do overnight sessions, I only see clients I can drive to.

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