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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80

Minneapolis, MN

About Annie

Touch is my love language, and I’ll bet that if you are here it’s yours, as well!
I am interested in non-conventional therapeutic approaches for day to day living.
I believe in sharing in the comforts that life has to offer us. As we are social creatures, it’s imperative to share our time and energy with one another. The added bonus is that I like to cuddle too.

I find myself naturally gravitating towards care-giving, and cuddling is a nurturing experience. The well being of other people is important to me.  It gives me a sense of purpose to be needed and the built-in healing nature of a session gives an added boost to my day! It’s something that should elevate YOUR mood too! Touch is a necessary part of our lives, and without it, we may begin to feel deprived without knowing why. So don’t deprive yourself! We are here to help.
This can be like medication for the soul.

Session information from Annie

My preference is of no heavy colognes, sprays, perfumes, or personal items with strong scents. Exterior scents are fine.

Please adhere to the rules and regulations.

Happy cuddling!


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