A Cuddle Therapist Explains the Best Cuddling Positions of All Time

Peace out social distancing, we're ready to hug again.

"Stay The F*ck Away From Me": Not Everyone Is Excited About Hugs Making A Comeback

COVID-19 has made some of us wary of greetings that involve touch.

"The pandemic has made many more people aware of their craving for touch."

In 2015 Madelon Guinazzo and Adam Lippin founded Cuddlist, a company which trains “cuddle therapists”.

I'm a professional cuddler who gets paid up to $100 an hour for a cuddling session. Here's how I got started, and how I transitioned to video sessions during the pandemic.

I'm a professional cuddler who gets paid up to $100 an hour for a cuddling session. Here's how I got started, and how I transitioned to video sessions during the pandemic.

I’m A Professional Cuddler & I Get Paid Up To $100 Per Hour

Professional cuddler Madelon Guinazzo has built her business, Cuddlist, by connecting professional cuddlers with clients. She holds virtual cuddling sessions using techniques such as guided meditation, eye-gazing, ASMR, storytelling, singing, and more.

New app HearMe designed for people who just need a listening ear

Adam Lippin, Co-Founder and CEO of Cuddlist.com and Founder and CEO of HearMe.app, talks with KTVU in a lengthy interview about HearMe and Cuddlist.

Flashpoint: Love Show: Overcoming infidelity, revolutionary love & pro cuddler

Kyle, a Cuddlist Certified Practitioners in Philadelphia, PA, speaks with Cherri Gregg about being a professional cuddler.  If you'd like to skip to Kyle's interview, it starts around the 55-minute mark.

Cuddlist Allows Singles to Enjoy the Benefits of Platonic, Healing Touch Through Professional Cuddle Sessions

Many singles find themselves in need of meaningful physical contact, and even people in relationships may feel a lack of that intimacy. Instead of seeking out sexual contact, which can be fraught with emotions and unhealthy attachment, those people can turn to Cuddlist, a platform that connects them with cuddle therapists. Trained Cuddlists offer platonic touch that is scientifically proven to make clients feel better and can also strengthen boundaries and enhance communication skills.

Anthony Padilla: I spent a day with PROFESSIONAL CUDDLERS

Anthony spent a day with PROFESSIONAL CUDDLERS to learn the truth behind this elusive world of paid physical contact.  Featuring Cuddlists Emily and Ondrej

The Philadelphia Inquirer: One-On-One 'Cuddlists' Hug and Spoon Clients...

They’re part of Cuddlist, a four-year-old company offering a "therapeutic approach to touch,” according to its website. There are smaller businesses that dispatch cuddlers into the world, but Cuddlist describes itself as America’s largest such enterprise.  Featuring: Ivy, Jennifer and Malcolm.

Chicago Magazine: For $80 an Hour, You Can Hire a Professional Cuddler

Madelon Guinazzo, cofounder of the cuddle therapy service Cuddlist, on the benefits of being touched by a stranger.

Refinery29: I Am A Professional Cuddler For A Living

Refinery29's For A Living explores the occupation of Christina Hepburn, a professional cuddler. She works with clients through Cuddlist, a professional cuddling therapy service to provide people with the positive physical interaction they need.

The Tech Tribune: 2019 Best Tech Startups in Montclair, NJ - Cuddlist #1

The Tech Tribune names Cuddlist 2019 #1 Best Tech Startup in Montclair, NJ, the home of Cuddlist Founder and CEO Adam Lippin.

WGBY 57: Professional Cuddler Nellie Wilson Specializes in Human Touch Therapy

Self-care practices, like seeing a chiropractor or massage therapist, are increasingly seen as important parts of maintaining overall health. The same can be said of mental health services offered by therapists and psychologists. Now, there’s a new form of therapy and self-care gaining traction: professional cuddlers. Professional cuddler Nellie Wilson specializes in human touch therapy and consent education.

Denver Channel 7: The benefits of professional cuddling may surprise you

The moment she enters Chriseda Crow’s studio apartment, Erica Bonser feels relaxed. But it’s not the aromatherapy or votive candles lining the countertops that do the trick. Bonser is here to be professionally, platonically touched.

CGTN America: A professional cuddler describes her work

Around the world, strangers are embracing as they employ the services of professional cuddlers. Customers say that they seek out cuddlers to get more touch in their lives. CGTN dropped in one such session in Virginia with Indigo Dawn.

Buzzfeed: We Tried The Weirdest Therapy Techniques • Ultimate Bucket List

Will a Cuddlist session make it onto the "Ultimate Bucket List"?  (Cuddlist featured at the 9 minute mark)

What is Professional Cuddling? We Tried the Latest Fad in Self-Care

Adam Lippin, CEO of Cuddlist, spoke with Newsweek about his unusual company and his belief in the power of therapeutic touch. Noticing our technological society’s tendencies to isolate people, Lippin believes professional cuddling can act a “grounding force” and connect people to one another. “To have that kind of connection [consensual therapeutic touch] can spark a change of consciousness, which can allow real healing to happen.” Saskia Larsen, a licensed touch practitioner through Cuddlist, echoed that sentiment.

7 Ways to Make Money with a Side Gig - Featuring Anna Joy of Seattle

Meet Anna Joy Reedy, a professional cuddler with Cuddlist.com.

In The Know: Professional 'Cuddlist' makes $100 an hour snuggling clients in need of therapeutic touch

Professional cuddling is the newest form of therapy.

I went to get hugged by a professional cuddler. Here’s how it felt.

I sank into the memory foam mattress on the floor. Annie Hopson, a mama-bear type in her 50s, had put on some new-agey music. Her studio, an upstairs bedroom in her Ellicott City townhouse, was fragrant with essential oils.

Some people are paying for cuddles. And it’s not what you might think.

The 32-year-old photographer from Virginia had a busy life, but he was single, and starving for physical contact. “I started to get to a place where if somebody started to greet me with a hug or even being in close proximity to someone, it was almost sort of a shocking feeling,” he said.

Professional cuddling now a growing online service

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) - It’s an unusual job that’s on the rise - people getting paid to cuddle.

Professional cuddling is a real business – so I had a one-on-one session to learn why people do it

Paying to get cuddles is not as unusual as some might think. It is, in fact, a real business built to help people who feel lonely, depressed, or simply in need of an extra cuddle from a stranger.

Danielle Eernisse of Northampton is a professional cuddler who offers platonic caress

Professional Cuddlist Danielle Eernisse and her client John McGovern, an accountant from Connecticut, hug at the beginning of a session in her Northampton office. GAZETTE STAFF / KEVIN GUTTING

Cuddle therapy: Does it work? Here's what it's like (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It’s only natural that my interview with Alexis, a certified "Cuddlist," begins with a hug.
Professional Cuddler

What's Driving American Men to Hire Professional Cuddlers?

In this country 7 out of 10 people who take their own lives are middle-aged males grappling, quietly, with mental health issues.
Cuddle Buddy

A Newly Single Man's Surprising Session with a Professional Cuddler

Maybe that’s what I was missing the whole time. Maybe that’s what a lot of people are missing. Maybe that’s why we feel so lonely so much of the time
Cuddle Buddy

Rolling Stone: Why Professional Cuddling Is Booming Under Trump

In the wake of Donald Trump's election, people struggled to figure out how to cope – and some found the answer was as simple as human touch

Professional cuddling: Can physical touch help ease depression?

Therapy, anti-depressants, Kabbalah and yoga all helped but it wasnt untileight months ago that Michael Stern learned about Cuddlist that everything changed

Professional cuddling is a real business – so I had a one-on-one session to learn why people do it

Touch plays an important role in building social connections and most of us don’t get enough touch in our lives." How can cuddling with a stranger help combat loneliness and feel better with others? I decided to give it a try myself and find out. This is my video experience with Dieniz, who is a "professional cuddlist." I had a one-hour session with her and she introduced me to this entirely new world of "cuddling.

I'm A Professional Cuddler. This Is What A Week In My Life Is Like.

Spend a week with Certified Cuddlist practicioner, Saskia; she has a session with a long time elderly hasidic man, a young women who has been horribly abused and a person with Asperegers Syndrome. Saskia explains that by cuddling, we're admitting we're human and we have this basic, genetic need for touch. It's a characteristic of our DNA—we live in groups; we need each other. Cuddling makes us feel very safe and close.

A Business Built on Hugs

Cuddlist Co-Founders Madelon Guinazzo and Adam Lippin sit down with the people at VProud to talk about this new business of cuddling and why people are gravitating to this new form of healing modality!

This Guy Gets Paid to Cuddle Strangers | Elite Daily

Professional Cuddlist Kan from Cuddlist.com explains why cuddling is such a vital part of helping people. “Trust me, I don’t do cuddling for the money,” says Kan. “I started cuddling because I felt like I had the power to really help people.”

Cuddlist was featured in Vogue!!!!

Cuddlist was recently featured in an article by Vogue's Fiona Golfar called "Is The Digital World Changing The Way We Feel About Physical Contact?"  The article explores the ideas behind technology and how it has changed the way we interact with the world. The article also makes mention of Cuddlist's own Brianna and how she came to become a Professional Cuddler through Cuddlist.com.

The Therapists Whose Side Gig Is Professional Cuddling

In this great article from Vice News, we get to explore the lives of Therapist's who also hold Professional Cuddling sessions as a side career. "Like most psychotherapists, Desiree Robinson spends the majority of her time in an office talking with clients. But occasionally she'll start the day in her office and end it on a Thai mat piled with cushions and pillows, cuddling with a different kind of client."

Pillow Talk With a Professional Cuddler

Our Professional Cuddler Brianna was recently featured in an interview in The New York Times!

Cuddlist on Cheddar

Adam Lippin sits down with the hosts of Cheddar to discuss how Cuddlist is changing the way we look at touch in our society.

This Professional Cuddler Says He Has 'The Best Job in the World' | Huffington Post

A new video reveals how non-sexual intimacy can change people's lives.

Cuddlist Co-Founder & CEO Adam Lippin on 700 WLW

Cuddlist Co-Founder & CEO Adam Lippin interviewed talks about Professional Cuddling as a movement and how it is increasingly becoming a recognize healing modality.

Cuddlist Featured In 94.3X In Colorado!

This article featured on 94.3X.com offers some brief insight for Coloradans to find some human connection on Valentine's Day.

Be A Professional Cuddler. For Real.

Read this great article on OMG Facts! Cuddlist Co-Founders Adam Lippin and Madelon Guinazzo talk to Ilana Gordon about their discovery of cuddle parties, the wonders of touch in a touch isolated society and how they ultimately came together to create Cuddlist.com!

Spooning For a Living - It's a Thing!

Cuddlist Co-Founder Madelon Guinazzo was recently interviewed by Maureen Langan on KGO 810 and they discussed the healing power of touch!


In this great piece from The Culture-ist's Chantal Lozano, she explores the world  of Professional Cuddling and why it's becoming such a highly sought out healing service. "Would you pay someone to cuddle? It may seem bizarre, but people would and people have. Cuddle therapy is a form of holistic healing with elements of massage therapy and psychological counseling. It could even be an option for the growing number of Americans reporting post-election emotional distress, or for those suffering from holiday-related stress. It’s already been used by people suffering from PTSD, anxiety and other ailments."  

Professional Cuddler with Cuddlist.com on Circa News

Cuddlist's own Saskia and Brianna tell us what made them get into the ever growing movement of Professional Cuddling.

Cuddlist's Own Professional Cuddler Saskia On QZ News

Professional Cuddler Saskia was featured on QZ News! She explains why cuddling is not a friendship but an extremely emotional service she provides for her clients.

Asking For A Friend: What’s It Like To Be A Professional Cuddler?

Professional Cuddler Keeley shows us what a typical cuddle session is like, talks about some of the benefits, and points out the most important factors to consider when engaging clients in a session.

I Went To A Professional Cuddler To Break Out Of My Comfort Zone

Check out this article from Elite Daily that features Cuddlist and our own Professional Cuddler Saskia

I Hired a Professional Cuddler

Check out this article in Marie Claire about one reporter’s experience with Cuddlist’s own Professional Cuddlers Saskia & Shanna. Learn how she is using cuddle sessions to help her navigate a troubling time in her life.

Adam Lippin talks with Ralph Nader!

Check out this audio where Adam Lippin has a conversation with Ralph Nader on his program about the importance of human touch in our industrial and virtual society.

Here’s what happened when I went to a Professional Cuddler to cure my hatred of hugs

Our Professional Cuddler Stella was recently featured in an interview in Metro!

What It's Like to Be a Professional Cuddler

During her day job as a customer service representative, Roxanne* loves to help others. But by night, she helps people in a different way: as a professional cuddler. Yup, that's right: Roxanne is part of an agency dedicated to cuddling. The company is called Cuddlist, and it consists entirely of people like Roxanne who cuddle with people in exchange for money.

What Professional Cuddlers Can Teach Us About Touch

When H. Melinda Krakowski,a customer service representative in New York City, was married, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was alone, even when her husband was in the room with her. That’s because they almost never touched, and she felt starved for physical affection.

Cuddlist on Jenny McCarthy's Dirty, Sexy, Funny on Sirius XM!

Co-founders Adam Lippin and Madelon Guinazzo stopped by the studio to chat with Jenny about the positive effects of cuddling and non-sexual touch, how Cuddlist got started, where it's going, and an impromptu cuddle session with one of Cuddlists' own.

Lonely women are hiring professional 'cuddlers' for £50 per hour 'non-sexual' hugging sessions

The service is aimed at providing affection for career driven women or those whose husbands are either too busy or work away. It's taken off in New York City and the company, which currently has 40 'cuddlers' on its books, is now looking to expand further. Saskia Fredericks, 41, has been using the service for just over a year because she only gets to see her husband for a few days a month.

What's it like to hire a Professional Cuddler

Tech Insider Producer Will Wei has a professional cuddle session with Shanna, a Professional Cuddler with Cuddlist.com


Cuddlist Co-Founder Adam Lippin talks to the blog Outspoken!

Cuddlist, Adam Lippin Says We're Sex Obsessed and Touch Deprived - So He Started a Business to Sort Us Out!

OK team, this week’s episode is a bit weird.

Weird in the best kind of way. This week we’ve got the Cuddlist Adam Lippin who says that we, as a culture are “sex obsessed but touch deprived”. So what’s he doing about it? He’s started not only a business that sells cuddles.

10 Scientific Reasons Why You Need to Cuddle Someone ASAP

Written by Cuddlist Co-founder Adam Lippin Psychologists are now saying cuddling is so important, It May Be Worth Paying For. In fact, cuddling is now a professional form of therapy that reduces tension and anxiety and relieves stress and pain by boosting Oxytocin and reducing Cortisol. Yes, you can hire certified cuddle practitioners called “Cuddlists,” who are trained in non-sexual, therapeutic touch (and communicating consent, in case you were wondering). Research by various professionals now shows that cuddling has several benefits.