“I know the value of touch for people who are dying, and I know the professionalism that Cuddlists bring to their work. While working with people in hospice, I’ve witnessed a better transition when they receive loving, nurturing touch like that provided by a Cuddlist.” ~Helen Hazlett, Hospice Chaplain

“What you are doing is transformative.” ~Dara Querimit, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“You’ve done more for [Client] in three weeks than I was able to do in 3 years. She continues to improve with both our therapies.” ~Tanya Bunch Zipeto, LMHC

“I feel the Cuddlist work really is its own type of therapy. I would say it should be called Contact Therapy. I envision this would be helpful for clients not just healing from trauma, but also dealing with things like body image issues, communication, and relationships.” ~ Shelley Pier, LCSW Read More

“… the Cuddlist practitioners are, by their training, very consistent and grounded. They really listen and they will do the work to meet you where you are. For many of us, this is the first experience with that process.” ~ Trauma Client  Read More