Though the need babies have for touch is research backed, research on the adult need for touch is still be amalgamating, floating vaguely in the “unknown, untested hypothesis” stage waiting for full digestion by the greater scientific community. But the constancy with which Cuddlist practitioners receive deeply positive feedback is enough to build up undeniable confidence in the potency of the healing work that trained Cuddlers offer.  Whether it’s the Vietnam vet who’s tried everything to get some relief and expresses on the way out that “in all the doctors and shrinks I’ve worked with, this is the best medicine I’ve had,” or the elderly person for whom regular Cuddlist cuddles is the main thing that eases sleep dysfunction, to the person who hasn’t been touched in years, and after a session, suddenly finds themselves having an indescribable perspective full of sunshine, the bottom line keeps circling back to the fact that this work is profound.


Below is one of many examples of direct feedback which could (and perhaps will) be shared, an April 2018 note from a client to their Oregon based Cuddlist Karen.  Consent to share requested and gladly granted by the client (anonymous).


“Dear Karen,


I have been to two of your Cuddlist sessions now and have begun to notice some significant positive results. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition which affects my skin, and its inability to maintain balanced cell growth. Researchers have found no cure. Some people experience remission but generally not permanent without strong medications or complicated side effects. I have suffered with its embarrassing effects on my life some 40 plus years. 9 years ago I decided to go off all pharmaceutical solutions. To pursue a cure or remission for my condition, using alternative and biofield therapies. I have experienced improvements and 1-2 days of remission in the past 4 years ….but not for longer. Then…


After two Cuddlist sessions with you, I had a remission of about 7 days without symptoms.  This has never happened before without a steroid product. I believe the sessions had a mind-body interaction, and acted as an energy therapy tool. Connecting my mind/body to move forward out of “dis-ease” and into cell or cellular healing in this pathway.  Mindfully choosing this therapy intentionally, and being aware of the potentials and opportunity for health changes or a shift…. I believe was also part of this success with

symptoms so far.


How can I ever thank you for this expanding hope of reaching full remission some day soon.



(Client name)”


Cuddlists, keep up the good work.