In this episode of Cuddlist Talks, we explore the topic of rediscovering touch through platonic intimacy. Why we turn touch off in the first place and how we turn it back on through the 5 truths about touch.

  1. Touch is universal
    As long as you have skin you can touch!
  2. Touch is essential for life
    As an infant, you must receive touch in order to survive. This doesn’t change when we get older. However our society has forced us to put touch into a corner as if it’s shameful.
  3. Touch is healthcare
    Cuddling is like any other form of healthcare you seek. It’s good for the immune system and the cardiovascular system because we are reducing stress as a result.
  4. Touch is powerful
    It has the power to harm. It has the power to confuse. It has the power to empower or uplift.
  5. Touch is available
    So many of us don’t even know to access it. How does that happen? Because touch has been relegated to sex. As a result, we have limited touch and reduced it, even cheapened it at times. We as humans are meant to be together, not apart.