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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

San Luis Obispo, CA

About Becky

When I learned about professional cuddling my first thought was “Why didn’t I think of that?”. I knew I wanted to get involved. I found Cuddlist through my research online, and by a personal referral from a friend and colleague. I am so grateful I did.

I am a cuddler by nature. However, my training with Cuddlist taught me so much more about consent, personal boundaries, and how important it is to honor and respect each person’s unique relationship with physical touch. We all come from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. Our senses of safety, nurturing, and pleasure are shaped by these. It is natural to carry these paradigms through life, and of course into a cuddling session.
As your Cuddlist, I hold you in a space of safety and non-judgment, where you can explore and practice getting your touch needs met without expectations, commitments, or sexual involvement.
This is profound work that can improve your overall sense of well-being, bring about personal growth, and even heal and strengthen your relationships. I feel privileged to be part of the Cuddlist community.
I am a yogi, a life coach, a mother, a teacher, and a lover of nature, animals, stillness and truth. I look forward to cuddling with you. ~Becky

Session information from Becky

Our cuddling relationship begins when you make a request. I will respond by email and phone within 24 hours. We will schedule a phone or online video chat to get to know each other before moving forward with an appointment. It is a vulnerable thing to reach out for this kind of nurturing and support, and I want to honor you for taking that huge step toward caring well for yourself.

When we meet via phone or internet, I will answer any questions and respond to any concerns you have. We will discuss consent and the code of conduct, and simply become acquainted with each other. Once we both feel comfortable moving forward, we will schedule a cuddling session. At that time we will discuss payment options and determine location.

I am currently (only) available for out-call sessions at your home or space. Every session begins with a conversation, to create connection and comfort. From there we begin our cuddle in a way that feels supportive to you. Cuddlist sessions are client directed, and a great space to practice communicating needs, preferences, and personal boundaries. Touch is always (and only) consensual and you are encouraged to change your mind about anything, at any time. I am here to provide the space for you to be yourself and receive nurturing, devoted attention.

Skills & Specialties

Life coach yoga coach yoga instructor hiking coach lover of people and animals meditator spiritual gangster.


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