Professional Cuddlist, Christina
Professional Cuddlist, Christina
Professional Cuddlist, Christina
Professional Cuddlist, Christina
Professional Cuddlist, Christina
Professional Cuddlist, Christina
Professional Cuddlist, Christina
Professional Cuddlist, Christina

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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $375 for initial 1.5 hour session

Los Angeles, CA

About Christina

featured on NBC, MTV’s Spencer & Heidi, Jeannie Mai’s podcast, Snapchat’s Brother, & South Writ Large Journal

I offer One-on-one sessions including the following: therapeutic self-care maintenance, healing from grief & loss, mindful connection between couples, pregnant & postpartum oxytocin & nervous system regulation, soothing “Cuddle & Read” sessions, Menstrual Pain Healing sessions.

It is my personal philosophy that touch is vital to our daily well-being. It allows for healthy, positive functioning through nervous system regulation. The practice brings self-awareness, confidence, and courage when beginning your week. I think of it as my own personal preventive health care, as touch is known to boost your immune system. I am experienced in Cuddle Parties, massage, energy healing, body dynamics, and communication.  A cuddle session can range from talking about concerns you are working through in your life to a meditative experience concentrated on breathing and touch.

I dedicate my time to a popular weekly podcast, T&A Talk Sex, designed to dispel cultural myths and taboos. The show offers solid info on building communication skills in our relationships. We have a large audience, and I enjoy supporting my community of listeners in shaping and improving their relationships.

What is a pregnant and/or postpartum session?

After my own birth experience, I bring an awareness of the focused attention and gentle mothering that the mother herself needs in her vulnerable transition from maiden to mother — needs are tailored to each mother based on what is coming up for her physically and emotionally. The baby can be with her as well. We regulate the nervous system after birth if any trauma was involved, if a partner is not physically available to provide sustained touch & oxytocin support over the first few months; for, or if the mother knows she benefits from consistent massage/touch in general; for pregnant mothers, a session can bring a sense of calm and wellbeing, increasing oxytocin & nervous system balance, and also emotionally bring any unaired fears or concerns to the surface before the date of birth arrives, leaving mother and baby more confident and ready for their transition.

What is a Couples session?

Are you looking to connect with your partner more effectively?

Are you in a relationship and thinking “how can I cuddle with a stranger and tell my partner?”

I recommend you include your partner, and we do a session all together. I will guide you two through touch therapy that allows you to connect more deeply. You will walk away with tools for clear communication and new ways to touch each other. This new practice will reduce stressful cortisol levels when facing big life events. It will certainly bring you closer and improve the way you two communicate.

What’s a “Cuddle & Read” session?

I have a rich radio voice that is soothing and pleasant. If you like to be held and read to, let me know! You can pick the novel or poetry book, or I can bring in my favorites.

What’s a Menstrual Pain Healing session?
The menstrual cycle is a monthly opportunity for introspection and emotional catharsis.  When someone is there to witness the cycle, destigmatize shame, and offer verbal and physical support through touch during the worst of your cramps, the body can relax, release muscles, and feel renewed, rather than the traditional experience of hiding away, downing painkillers, and hoping it will be easier next month.

A few testimonials from clients:

“When I got home, my 11 year old son told me I’d gotten better at rubbing him when we watched tv together” – B.

“It was a fantastic experience, I didn’t expect to feel as refreshed and in-touch as I did afterwards” – J.>

“Awesome experience, thank you very much for my own awakening” – O.

“This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time” – A.

“Thank you for your encouragement, I look forward to learning more from you.  Your wisdom shows.” – M.<

“Still feeling a deep level of relaxation from the session that is both pleasurable and full of heart. The session was much more than I would have dared to hope for. Thank you for adjusting your touch to what I wanted and your willingness to be physically close to me. It is not something I have had much of before and it touches me deeply on many levels that are still unfolding.” – S.

“After our session, I noticed that my family doesn’t show me much affection.  I felt offended at first, and then realized I have the power to show them affection.  They don’t show me affection because I don’t.  You’ve really changed the way I communicate. I initiate the way I’d like to connect with my family.” – M.

NBC’s 1st Look

Read more about self care and intentional touch from my article in South Writ Large:

Session information from Christina

We’ll start by having a cup of tea, creating a consensual communication agreement, and flow from there. I have essential oils I like to use to relax and center yourself. I encourage light massage, hand holding, and deep breathing to connect in the moment.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

Body Dynamics (Influenced by Bioenergetics) Personal Coaching Relationship Coaching Communication Exercises


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