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Kyle Hoffman

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: Free 10 minute phone or video call; 90 mins - $120; 2 hrs - $160; 2.5 hrs - $195; 3 hrs - $230; 3.5 hrs - $265; 4 hrs $300, etc.; 1 hr - $95; Out-calls travel reimbursement is $30/travel hour

Philadelphia based. Happy to travel to you!

About Kyle

Free 10 minute call or video chat with me – let’s talk to help you decide. Contact me to set up a time! 🙂  Therapeutic cuddling is completely new to almost all of my first time clients and this free welcome call will help you feel a lot more comfortable and informed.  (e-mail preferred –  kylecuddles@gmail.com ; or text 413-579-1235 any time of day)

Licensed psychotherapist, Ashley King’s review:

“Human touch is a real and vital need. And most of us aren’t getting enough of it. Enter my amazing friend Kyle Robert Hoffman, who does incredibly healing work in this domain. As a professional cuddler, he facilitates sessions where you can be nourished by platonic, consensual, therapeutic touch. Learn to receive, ask for what you want, say no to what you don’t, and connect in our “native tongue”—the language we all spoke before we became verbal.

Your nervous system will thank me, I promise!” You can view the Facebook post here.      ;    http://www.psychoalchemy.com/


“As a psychotherapist, interested in what can supplement my client’s healing journey, I highly recommend Kyle’s work.  I experienced an individual session with him, so that I could observe first hand what his skills are. I can say without any hesitation that Kyle’s natural caring, empathy, insights, and professionalism, can help clients experience the necessary elements needed to integrate a sense of wholeness. Additionally, for anyone in need of healing traumas, his work offers a reparative experience. I certainly will send clients to him, whom I believe could benefit from his work as a Cuddlist.

Throughout my 30 plus years as a clinician, I’m convinced that for anyone working with a psychotherapist, a real reparative experience, such as what Kyle offers, is a real added bonus.”  -Arnie J. Vargas, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ajvargas.blogspot.com


“I’m new to cuddling and was not only skeptical, but actually a bit afraid. It’s not easy being a big guy and first of all admitting that you want the touch of another human, but actually seeking that touch out. Kyle made it easy. It was filled with smiling, gentle conversation and letting me move at my own pace . . . My sessions with Kyle have been life changing.”  -John, Team Manager, Fortune 100 Company


“I was a bit skeptical that I’d really feel comfortable enough cuddling with a stranger to get much from it but Kyle’s natural energy is just so calming. Within minutes, I felt like I was in the company of an old friend. The emotional rush of being cuddling with someone who felt so genuinely caring was incredibly healing.”  -Liz, Project Manager in marketing



More videos are on my YouTube channel:  Cuddling and Self Growth with Kyle


If you schedule a session we will communicate before meeting so you feel comfortable.  In a session you’ll be guided through agreements that create safety and trust between us.  Over and over you will be affirmed that this is about what feels right for you.  You are always empowered to choose how you spend your session.


“Kyle is the epitome of professional and warm and welcoming at the same time. He takes time to explain what a cuddle session entails and answer any questions. He’ll ask questions to help guide the session and gently steer you toward discovering what you want or need out of the session if you are uncertain.”  -Ralph, High School Teacher 


You will be guided through an experience that is specifically for you.  No one size fits all routine here.  You may be held and you may hold me.  You may receive loving, nourishing touch and may give the same to me.  You may enjoy spooning, light caresses to your arms or face, having your hair or beard stroked or stroking mine, holding hands, holding each other sitting up, lying on top of each other, eye gazing, a scalp massage, belly rubs, enjoying as much space and time not sharing touch as you want, and any other kind of connection within our platonic boundaries.


We will talk and get to know each other as much or as little as is right for you.  Feeling emotions and talking about life experiences are cherished here, whether your greatest accomplishment or darkest hour.  If you want more platonic touch in your daily life you’ll be guided how to do that and given helpful resources.  If you want to improve your boundaries, asking for what you want, truly receiving, comfortably expressing emotions, sharing deep platonic connection, healing old trauma, or anything else we’ll do that.


I LOVE sessions with anyone of any gender identity, romantic orientation, physical or mental ability, age (18+), body type, ethnicity, etc.


If you have a question or are interested although not sure, please contact me with your questions!  We can also have a free 10 minute call or video chat to help you decide if you’d like to try a session.  Contact me to set up a time! 🙂  (e-mail preferred –  kylecuddles@gmail.com ; or text 413-579-1235 any time of day)


Session information from Kyle


It’s your choice to use my cuddle sanctuary, your home, or another location (public park, etc.).  I’ll gladly travel to you!  (My travel reimbursement rate is $30/hour that I travel.)  There are no pets or allergens in my home.  I’m in a nice and safe area of University City, Philadelphia near the intersection of Walnut St. and South 44th St.  Free parking and public transit are easily available.



I’m occasionally in the Lehigh Valley of PA, as well as NJ, NY, CT, and MA for personal travel during which I joyfully do out calls in those areas.


If you’re concerned about possibly having unintentional feelings of arousal in a session, don’t worry, we’ll handle it with ease if it happens.  We can also chat about this before meeting if you want.


If you have a question or are interested although not sure, please contact me with your questions!  We can also have a free 10 minute call or video chat to help you decide if you’d like to try a session.  Contact me to set up a time! 🙂   (e-mail preferred –  kylecuddles@gmail.com ; or text 413-579-1235 any time of day)




“This was my first time I ever cuddled with a professional cuddler. While setting up the appointment with Kyle, I realized why I wanted to have this experience. I unconsciously wanted the experience to heal a prior cuddling experience with a friend that did not end well. Kyle was safe, appropriate and supportive. It was a great life affirming experience that I highly recommend. With Kyle’s help, I healed this long buried emotional trauma. Thank you Kyle!”  Alain, Entrepreneur, self growth enthusiast


“The truly special thing about Kyle though is his genuine authenticity and compassion.  I cried tears that had been building up for months, but unlike tears I’ve cried alone, I finally felt such relief that came from Kyle’s ability to make me feel seen and understood.

Kyle has a way of making you feel validated, whether it be by listening and giving tight hugs in response or sharing his own experiences to confirm you aren’t alone in your feelings. I have come away from my sessions with Kyle feeling calm, quiet, and a bit more whole. A session with Kyle is so much more than just physical comfort; his gentle energy and his compassion provide so much mental and emotional comfort as well.”  –Gina, International Business Consultant


“It’s rare in life you come across individuals that are good at what they do, and don’t treat it as a job. The best way I can describe it is he treats you like family, like you belong.

Well, that’s Kyle. He is serious about this, excellent at his craft and he loves what he does. He’s got the kindest, gentlest, and most loving personality of anyone that I know. He’s just an all around good person. Good to the marrow of the bone.

He’s just a natural at this.  He creates a clean, safe and calm space. Gentle conversation and talking throughout the sessions at just the right moments. He gave me the gift of courage to think about things in my life that I may not have done otherwise. This journey has been life changing for me.

Kyle is modest too. I tell him thank you all the time for being able to help me find some of the keys that were lying around on the floor of my memory. Then, giving me the courage to use those keys and face what was behind doors that I might not have otherwise opened. But he immediately turns it around telling me that I did all the hard work, he was there to assist.

I would say to anyone that is reading this. If you’re thinking about enlisting the services of a Cuddlist and looking to find someone that has the heart for what they do, look NO further. Kyle is someone you should contact! You won’t go wrong. I appreciate all he’s done during the time we’ve connected!!!”  -John, Team Manager, Fortune 100 Company


“Kyle is an awesome Cuddlist! He is a gentle soul who genuinely cares about people, their lives and their general well-being. He shows compassion, empathy and connecting during his cuddle sessions!
Kyle reminds me that I am important and lovable! He provides a safe warm hold and touch that is both soothing and healing! His gentle nature comes through in his conversation and in his therapeutic holding!
Kyle knows how to connect to me on a personal level while incorporating multiple holding styles for both of us.
Kyle is lighthearted and authentic. He has a warm smile and a soothing voice that is well suited for one on one holding. Kyle creates a bond, encouraging conversation if I want it, with strong yet gentle holding.  Each session is personalized for the moment.
I love Kyle’s gentleness and authenticity while ensuring safety and healthy boundaries. Kyle always establishes preferences by asking me specifics and having me ask in return. My needs can change per session. Kyle is extremely aware and amenable to what is most beneficial at any given session. I feel relaxed, accepted, affirmed, soothed, and appreciated!
He’ll warm your heart in a soothing and emotionally healing cuddle session!
Human touch is essential to good health!
Thank you, Kyle, for your warmth, sincerity and connection!” -Brad, Massage Therapist



Skills & Specialties

10 years of facilitating my own and others' self growth Cuddle Party workshop facilitator in training virtual sessions peer counseling facilitating a therapeutic touch group conscious listening coaching on creating more platonic touch in your personal life - life goals - self transformation - intimacy - social skills - intention/goal setting and accountability - creating action steps - and support through accountability and coaching parts work healing the child within self growth work specific to men eye gazing platonic intimacy consciously building rapport increasing self love intuition in my facilitation the five love languages meditation affirmations knowledge of other self growth resources - community - services - and organizations


Any day of the week/weekend, 8:30 am ~ 9:30 pm. Last minute requests are welcome.