Professional Cuddlist, MX Smith, Bristol RI
Professional Cuddlist, MX Smith, Bristol RI

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Mx Smith

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100 USD/hour

Bristol, Rhode Island

About Mx Smith

About me: Consent culture is my passion; I speak this language and would love to teach it to you. I believe in respecting every person’s autonomy and boundaries. I think that when we are able to communicate effectively about boundaries, we are able to feel safer connecting physically and emotionally with each other. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology and I’m taking a break from pursuing my JD. I care deeply about connecting with others. One of my favorite qualities about myself is that I’m a curious person. I’m rarely bored because I find most things, places, people interesting and beautiful. I am 100% sure that you are interesting to me and worth getting to know.

As humans, I think we overthink it. Platonic touch is something most people need but don’t always know how to find or ask for. It might feel like the easiest thing in the world if we have naturally occurring touch in our lives through family or a romantic relationship, but it can suddenly feel more complicated when those resources are gone. Maybe you’ve just gone through a breakup or a difficult day at your job, or you travel all the time. Maybe you just really like cuddling and it’s something you want to plan to have in your life. Whatever the reason may be, I’m sure you’ve wrestled with the implications around requesting platonic touch from another human. What’s the intention? Will this person think I’m weird or trying to date them? Is this just code for something else? Am I less of a man if I’m not trying to make this into something more than cuddling?

Moreover, we don’t necessarily trust it when touch is being offered by a stranger. Touch is often forced on people without their consent (like tickling, or aggressive hugs), which complicates feelings around platonic touch. Men face additional stigmas and societal norms around platonic touch that further isolates them from being able to get what is so normal in nature; solid wholesome cuddles. These complications are the reason I’m offering a therapeutic touch experience through cuddling. Consent is the cornerstone of my practice and I would love to talk to you about what your needs are. I’d like to invite you to throw off whatever fears you have about cuddling and platonic touch. Please come and experience this simple sweet connection that nature gives us with each other. Come enjoy being wrapped up in blanket and limb. If the idea of cuddling with a stranger sounds scary to you, just remember, I’ll only be a stranger once and I am a skilled communicator. We will meet virtually beforehand so we can make sure we are on the same page and like each other. Cuddling is about mutual respect and building a space for us to enjoy touch. My job is to help you feel safe to ask for and receive what you want out of a cuddling experience.

Session information from Mx Smith

Booking Process:

1. Send an in person cuddle session request through Cuddlist after reading the Code of Conduct.
2. I will send you a scheduling link to set up our brief FREE Zoom video chat so that we can make sure we are on the same page before meeting in person. (If we don’t like each other, we can cancel our cuddle session, easy peasy).
3. Send your $50 deposit via Venmo or CashApp.
4. Once a deposit is received, I’ll send you the address of our cuddle session.
5. Cancellation Details: Please expect to compensate me for 50% of my hourly fee if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your cuddle session.

What does a session look like?

When you arrive for your session, I will give you some time to get changed if you need to, then we will have a short conversation about touch in general and make an agreement about speaking up and respecting each other. I’ll ask you about what cuddling position you want to start with. Once we are ready and set up with any music/ tv/ snacks, I will start the clock and we will begin our cuddle session.

My Cuddle Space: My cuddle space is a clean and neat bedroom that feels very warm and inviting with lots of pillows and blankets. I have different colored soft lights we can put on and I like to have essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass diffused into the room (this is of course optional).

Additional Details: 

  • I’m on the second floor and there is no elevator.
  • I do not have any pets at this time.
  • In Calls only: I only do in call sessions. If you have a disability that I need to accommodate we can talk further about what that looks like for you.
  • Covid 19 Details: I have been vaccinated, I don’t require that you have also been vaccinated, but I need you to be able to confirm that you have been doing your best at social distancing and wearing a mask in public spaces.
  • Parking: Bristol is a very small town, you will likely be able to find street parking; however, there is a parking spot available to you next to my apartment for your convenience.
  • Payment: I prefer Venmo, but accept cash, PayPal, and CashApp. Just let me know which one you plan to use in advance.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

Soft touch intuitive healing empathetic care.


Please allow at least 24-48 hours to schedule before our first session, we need to complete a Zoom video chat before meeting in person.

I'm generally available:
* Monday 9am- 10pm
* Tuesday 9am- 10pm
* Wednesday 9am- 10pm
* Thursday 9am- Noon
* Friday - Not Available
* Saturday - 9am- 10pm
* Sunday - 9am- 10pm

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