Professional Cuddlist, Sundria, Fairfield CA
Professional Cuddlist, Sundria, Fairfield CA

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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $180/hour (Initial Session Fee) **CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS**

Fairfield, CA (Nor-Cal)

About Sundria

Who Am I

My name means “goodness & joy.” I believe those two words describe ME well!

My interest in this profession was sparked in 2016 when I viewed a video posted on social media. Two years prior, in 2014, I became a widow and experienced, in that same year, the deaths of my mother, stepfather, and family pet. Though at times I was around others socially, I felt alone and isolated. From my loss was birthed the desire for missing human intimacy. This doesn’t mean that something has to be missing for YOU to see a Professional Cuddlist. It’s perfectly fine for you to seek healthy touch as a form of self care because you value your health and well being. My goal is to share a moment in life that is meaningful leaving YOU being sincerely accepted, feeling connected, & being validated by safe, healthy, consensual, platonic, human touch.


I am a perpetual student and active volunteer within my residential and spiritual communities. I enjoy family time, travel, and playing classical piano.


I am the proud Founder of Cuddle Me Pro a healthy touch therapy service. I am also an Official Cuddly Party Facilitator and I’d love for you to join me at one soon. Please click this link for MY actual client CUDDLMONIALS!!!

Session information from Sundria

Each session involves a greeting, orientation to space, review of conduct code to establish boundaries, and transition into a safe platonic human touch experience tailored specifically for you in the present moment. Each session ends with a ten minute acknowledgement prior to session closure. Know that comfortability is important and won’t be overlooked. If at any time you, the client, or I, the therapist, is uncomfortable for any reason we may stop the session.

There are no two sessions alike. I have had clients range from being satisfied with little to no touch enjoying the quiet sharing of presence in the moment to clients engaged in full embrace where they simply fell into deep sleep being totally relaxed. I encourage YOU to decide in the moment how the session will go and as long as we both consent to safe platonic touch experiences…it’s all good!

Be aware that there is a euphoric feeling that can linger after a session ends. The body is on what is considered a “natural high” due to the nurturing you have received and a visceral sense of connection you will experience from cuddling. Your body is in an altered state with your blood chemistry producing a powerful hormone called oxytocin which acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In our follow-up call I will check in with you to ensure you are not experiencing an “intimacy hangover.” This should not be alarming but usually occurs when a client has an emotional come down from an oxytocin high.

I offer three types of sessions each are paid in full at the time the session is scheduled.

1. In Call. You come to a private address I provide once the session is scheduled. You are asked to be on time and free of substances and strong smells. The therapeutic environment is a COVID conscious, smoke-free zone. There is a private changing area where You can place on clean cuddle attire once you arrive. 

2. Out Call. I travel to a predetermined location to meet You. There are additional travel expenses associated with this type of session which we confirm prior to scheduling the session.

3. Virtual Session. You will receive a secure log in link once once the session is scheduled. You are asked to be on time and in a peaceful environment where we will not be interrupted. Please ensure your  device has a functioning camera and microphone and that you are able to remain on screen during our session.

We wear proper professional cuddling attire which are pajamas or light work out clothing (e.i. soft cotton jersey like material or yoga attire). Professional cuddling attire must be a minimum of a tank top and long shorts. Undergarments alone cannot be worn in lieu of clothing items (i.e. underwear are not shorts and a sports bra is not a tank top). Think COMFY! Sensual lingerie is not proper professional cuddling attire.

At no time is touching under clothing or saliva exchange permitted.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

Cuddlist Inc Chaplain- Certified Practitioner- Advisory Board- Lead Trainer Cuddle Party Inc Certified Facilitator Foundations of Facilitation Certified Facilitator International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM®) d/b/a World Institute for Nurturing Communication (WINC®) Certified Infant Massage Instructor Level 2 (CIMI2) and Certified International Instructor Trainer (CIIT) Doctorate of Ministry (DMIN) Candidate Masters of Divinity in Chaplaincy (MDiv) Masters of Arts in Social Transformation (MAST) Certificate of Spirituality and Social Change Certificate of Ordination Pre-Licensed Affiliate of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Dual Bachelor of Science in Community Affairs and Paralegal Services Associate of Science in Business Administration


Monday - Sunday: By Appointment Only **CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS**

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